forgot password on G3 iMac w/new harddrive!

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by California, Mar 25, 2006.

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    I helped a friend get a new 80gig deskstar hard drive last year and had it put into her old G3 iMac 233mhz w/out firewire.

    Panther was on it and now neither one of us can remember the Administrator password.

    Can I use an old OS9 disc to reset the password or do I need Panther?
    (because I sold my panther cds)
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    You're going to need the Panther CD's. Who sells their only copy of OS CD's? :eek:

    I got a slightly scratched copy of Tiger and I made a backup just in case.
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    I don't have any computers with Panther on it anymore --- this is a friend's computer that I helped her with in summer 04! She has not been on the internet with it until now.
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    Well you're out of luck then. I don't know if any OS X full installation disc will let you reset the admin password.
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    Any OS X installation disc will allow you to reset the password. I used a Mac OS X 10.1 disc to reset my Tiger password just the other day.
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    Duff-Man says...not to state the obvious, but if you sold the disks you've no license to be running it anyway....poetic justice sympathy from me....oh yeah!
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    Okay, so if I find some OSX original disc out there, probably Panther, is my pal screwed if we can't figure out the administrator password? I mean, can it be reset with a Panther disc or is the hard drive locked forever?

    This 'new" hard drive was put in the machine in September 2004 and NOT USED SINCE by my friend, who now is telling me she can't get on DSL because she doesn't have the administrator password.

    I had a Apple Tech put the hard drive in the machine and partition it back a year and a half ago and I'm workering if he might have put a new passowrd on it that neither of us can remember.
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    Spanky Deluxe

    I'm with duff man on this one. You should get your friend do go and buy a copy of panther or you go and get one for her. Sorry to be a loser but you have basically shouted out online that you've installed software on someone elses computer without a license! If you do that at least try to come up with some other excuse why you don't have the install cds!!
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    Uh, because it was almost two years ago and I forgot about it because she never used it until this past weekend? She's getting the Panther discs herself now; hope it works.

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