formatting rich text (fonts, colors) in NSTableView

Discussion in 'Mac Programming' started by Oats, Aug 1, 2007.

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    I have an NSTableView with several entries, and I want to highlight certain words in the table. For example, every time the word "bar" appears in the table, I want that word to be bold and colored red, as in the example line below:

    "foobar foo foo bar foo"

    Any idea how I can accomplish this? Basically, I want to use rich text in the NSTableView cells. I was thinking of using the NSText method replaceCharactersInRange:withRTFD: but I really have no idea if this is correct. I would still need to figure out the RTF syntax, but thats a different story. Please help?
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    NSAttributedString allows you to add formatting to string objects. Most Cocoa cells and views will respect this when drawing, standard text cells do.
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    Thanks! Once I have formatted a string, can I just use the (NSAttributedString *) instead of the (NSString *) when initializing the NSTableView dictionary?
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    I'm not sure what you mean by that. Could you post the code? NSTableViews don't have dictionaries :confused:
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    I assume you mean the table content, and the answer to that is yes.
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    i am obviously new to this, my dictionary comment was referring to a NSMutableDictionary, which i believe has the contents binding to the NSTableView. as it turns out, i was able to just use a NSAttributedString in place of the NSString, and this works! the sample code here is probably convoluted... i know HTML, not RTF, so this seemed the easiest way to format my string?

    NSArray keys      = [NSArray arrayWithObjects: @"linenum", @"linestr"nil];
    //NSArray * values    = [NSArray arrayWithObjects: linenum, linestr, nil];
    NSString theHTML = @"<font face='Monaco' size='3'>foo foo foo<b><i><font color=#EE0000>bar</font></i></b> fooobar</font>";
    // fill the NSData buffer with the contents of the NSString
    NSData htmlData = [theHTML dataUsingEncodingNSUTF8StringEncoding];
    NSAttributedString styledText = [[NSAttributedString alloc]
    initWithHTMLhtmlData  documentAttributesnil]; 
    NSArray values    = [NSArray arrayWithObjectslinenumstyledTextnil];
    properties = [[NSMutableDictionary allocinitWithObjectsvalues forKeyskeys];
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    Easier != better.

    Personally, I'd just build the attributed string manually, using initWithString:attributes:, and then combine the different attributed strings together to make the final attributed string (see NSMutableAttributedString). To me, that seems like the right "Cocoa way".

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