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Former Apple Retail Head Ron Johnson Fired as CEO of JC Penney

Discussion in 'MacRumors.com News Discussion' started by MacRumors, Apr 8, 2013.

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    CNBC is reporting that former Apple Retail head Ron Johnson is out as CEO of JC Penney, the job he took after resigning from Apple.
    Johnson departed Apple in late 2011 and was replaced by John Browett, the CEO of British computing retailer Dixons. Browett's tenure was a bumpy one and he was fired after less than a year on the job.

    Nearly six months after Browett left Apple, the position remains open, leading many to speculate that Johnson would be a natural fit to move back into the position he occupied for more than ten years.

    Article Link: Former Apple Retail Head Ron Johnson Fired as CEO of JC Penney
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    Nobody saw this one coming...
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    Well, dayum...:eek: Someone must be coming back to Apple?
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    Yes please.
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    Hard not to based on numbers alone...
  6. komodrone, Apr 8, 2013
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    well, it looks like Ron squeezed... (puts on sunglasses) ...his last penny. YYYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!
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    been following closely since JCP is headquartered here in dallas and I know their employees.....No shock at all...he did a shoddy job from day 1 with terrible results along the way
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    Well I wasn't expecting that. How could the man who did such great things for apple retail do so badly at jcp that he's out not long after he started? :eek:
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    He did amazing stuff with Apple, but I wouldn't take him back. What kind of management morale would there be with someone who left coming back?
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    To be fair though, he ran Penney's like it was Apple, that is to say it would probably have done very well if it catered to the same crowd as Neiman Marcus.
  11. PBP
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    Next week, Ron Johnson SVP Apple retail ;)
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    Check out JC Penny's stock value.
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    It would be bad for both Apple and Ron to get back together.
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    Yeah look at all the fallout from that Jobs guy doing just that.
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    Tim Cook's Secretary: Mr. Cook, a Mr. Ron Johnson on line one.

    Tim Cook picks up phone...

    Ron Johnson: Uh, Tim... :rolleyes:
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    Can't say I'm surprised here, nor should anyone be. JCP is a wreck right now, and frankly it's his doing.
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    he brought in alot of Apple managers as VP's expecting them to transform JCP into something it's not nor has ever been. They have been working on redoing the layout of their stores to make it more "apple store" like....now I wonder if they scrap all of that and go back to the same ol. The company is totally ruderless
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    Do u believe in fate and destiny?

    Apple still has not hired svp of retail and now Ronny has been fired. Time to be back where you belong!!

    This is worth celebrating!
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    The problem Ron faced was that making JCP a cool place to shop didn't take into account that their base of customers are mostly not cool. I'm guessing JCP would have seen continued weak sales numbers had they done nothing at all and turning around a retailer with such a bad history is almost impossible - just look at Sears and Kmart.

    I say JCP deserves to fail for the years of horridly run stores and bogus "sales' tactics. Johnson simply needs to find a new "cool" brand he can help take to the next level in the same way he did with Apple. Forget legacy stores - they're either doing the right thing or they're not and won't regardless of who is in charge.
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    JC Penney sells clothing for the poor. Seriously go to Macy's to get quality clothing.
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    Wow. I guess the board doesn't want to see whether the changes will bring long term profit or not.
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    I enjoyed this comment.
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    if Cook has a some dignity, he'll beg Johnson to come back

    after all, Jobs was fired of his own company and was asked to come back, he finally saved apple and made it what it is now
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    Apple doesn't like to have sales on their products so it seems like a perfect fit (Ron Johnson was trying to do away with sales at JCP) :D .
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    The Peter Principle at work.

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