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Former President Carter gets Nobel Peace Prize!

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by Mr. Anderson, Dec 10, 2002.

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    Mr. Anderson

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    it was announced a while ago that he won the award, and apple honored him on their site several weeks back when it was announced. He had his failings, but he seems to me to be one fo the msot reasonable, well intentioned men to ever serve as president.
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    Its nice to see that someone actually believes that we don't need to kill people to ensure they stay 13,500 miles away from us.

    I mean putting aside the fact that these poor people don't have the gas money to drive to the corner fallafel stand, what makes Bush think they need to be punished for the actions of someone else (highjackers)? Maybe what we really need to do is have an immigration drive to bring third world people who are starving to death to Texas, specifically to live off George W. Bush's fattened cattle perhaps. That way George would have something else to worry about than declaring WAR on a people because they refuse to assasinate their leader who is demanding war.

    I mean why would anyone in their right mind engage in propoganda designed to have a people kill their overly zealous President who is constantly demanding WAR and trying to convince others to join in???

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    Jimmy Carter: good man, bad president. That's all I'll say.
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    Perhaps... perhaps not...

    But that's better than being both a bad president AND a bad Man.

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    To tell you the truth

    Jimmy Carter came to my country a few months ago and he gave more time to our actual dictator. Before that he went to Cuba and blast the oposition in that island.

    Jimmy Carte is a fuc*** comunist. Sorry guys but I saw him filling his resume with the venezuelan problem with the result of several other people dead, a 200% inflation a 60% unemployment and so on. All of that after his visit re-establishing the actual dicator that we have.
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    Re: To tell you the truth

    Glad to see that others see the real Jimmy Carter. He is a good man, give him the benefit of the doubt, says he's a Christian and so will have to answer to Jesus (the same as me but as a leader he will have more to answer "What more is given, more will be expected") I respect his work with Habitat for Humanity, makes him a greater former President. Its his political ideology that I have a problem, per mymemory.

    Sadly today the Nobel Committee prefers to reward Socialist's.
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    Mr. Anderson

    But on a different note, former President George Bush was honored as having the last Nimitz Aircraft Carrier to be named after him this weekend. Kind of interesting perspective, Nobel Peace Prize - Aircraft Carrier.

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    Let me tell you that socialism is groing stronger and is plaicing people every where. The only institution rejecting any kind of liberal change is the catholic church.

    Our president is comunis, the new president i9n Brazil too and the new one in Ecuador too. There are now 3 comunist president in this part of the planet. Things are getting complicated again. Just imagine the colombian guerrilla with the support of the venezuelan oil, no wonder why our we are having such hard time kicking out our actual president.

    Any way, Jimmy Carter is part of the bunch too. Remember this: when Brazil or Ecuador gets in political problems just like Venezuela, Jimmy Carter is gonna be ther to give some air to their goverments.

    A 17 year old girl got killed last friday by a man and the president is defenden him on tv for about 30 minutes, even that the guy confess he did it.
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    so carter's a socialist and/or a communist--depending on which post you read...

    what a bunch of hogwash. find someone else to blame for your troubles.

    and that whole " answering to jesus" is such a judgmental backhand.

    Congrats to jimmy...a wise, worldly and good intentioned man.
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    You gotta love liberals. It's never about holding people accountable; it's always about intentions and motives. Sure, he wants peace in the world, but let's not overlook the fact that he will praise a Communist Dictator to reach that end. Peace is a noble cause and his intentions are good, but his principles are lacking and his actions have been downright despicable. Let's not forget that the head of the Nobel Committee came out and admitted that they gave the prize to Carter in order to show their disapproval for the current administration. Wow, what a meaningful award! It's a statement against our country, and Carter gladly accepted it. This is not surprising, given his comments in favor of Cuba's government and his constant praise for the inept and power-hungry UN. Jimmy Carter was a sorry president, yet he has made it a priority to undermine and discredit our current president, as well as the sovereignty of our nation. Yeah, I guess world peace is an honorable pursuit, but we can't overlook the means or results of that endeavour. Our freedom and sovereignty should always come first. And yes, we may have to fight from time to time to protect both ourselves and other freedom-loving nations. I'm not sure that Jimmy Carter believes that, and so I'm not at all proud to call this man a fellow Georgian.
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    I agree. Maybe the history will remember him for his virtues rather than his vices.
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    funny, i don't recall seeing anyone on this thread claim to be a liberal or that their opinions were based upon a liberal ideology.

    i certainly could express many generalizations based upon your post...

    but that would be ignorant.:rolleyes:
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    By all means, go ahead with your generalizations. Does a person need to explicitly state his or her political leanings in order for another person to recognize them? Maybe I'm just extremely gifted, but I think that it's fairly easy to determine political affiliation by reading and listening to the words of others. Like I said, feel free to generalize or, better yet, debate.
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    I respect him for his great work with "Habitat For Humanity." Its his life as former president that will be remembered most. As mentioned previously by others, its his left leaning ideas he promotes that I don't like!

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