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Fortnightly Challenge July 23-Augurst 5 : Eyes

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by fcortese, Jul 22, 2011.

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    The purpose of the Challenge is to provide a venue where photographers of all skill levels can work to improve their craft by shooting along a common topic for two weeks - one fortnight. Helpful comments and critiques are key to reaching the intended goal - better photography.

    About Your Photos

    Shoot for the topics listed on the schedule. You may shoot for upcoming topics, but post photos only to their matching Challenges. Try to avoid using photos from your archives just for participations sake. If you really want input on an older image that fits the Challenge topic, please let us see it.

    You may post as many photos as you wish for any one Challenge.

    About Your Comments

    Comments are critical to the success of the Challenge. If you post a photo, add a comment to another one. If you are only viewing, please add your comments, too.

    Comments should be meaningful, something that the photographer can use to improve his/her work. Explain why you like or dislike a photo. Spend a moment looking at a photo before commenting on it. Try to answer the question "I like this photo because…" It really helps the photographer.

    The Topic Schedule

    Colors : June 23 - July 6
    Technology : July 7 - 21
    Eyes : July 22 - August 4

    Florian for Dale
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    I'll start this one off:

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    She's a cutie! Nice catch lights in her eyes. They seem to be saying "Do I have to sit here and have ANOTHER photo taken of me?" Love the natural light on her face. I keep wanting to brush the bangs back, and the stray hair out of her eyes!
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    thanks. that's my granddaughter. she had just bumped her lip and was in a pensive mood. I liked her eyes in that photo. I got her to laugh and captured this one, but I felt the eyes were not quite as emotive;

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    I think it may be the lighting. Her right eye (our left) doesn't have any reflection.

    Wow! What detail this shot has!!!

    I'm thinking your white balance needs adjusting. Keleko's might be too warm (too yellow), but your is too cold (too much blue). In my opinion, for a shot this tight, you should have used a narrower aperture (higher number). That would have kept more focus in the eyebrow, especially on the right edge. Others may disagree.

    Sometimes it amazes me how far I've come in the the past year!
    Originally, I was really pleased with this shot, which was taken 12 months ago, BC [BC = before (decent) camera]. Today I would have done it much differently, especially with the aperture setting (coulda/shoulda blurred the background with a wider aperture.) I still like the eyes, though, especially on the child on the left.

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    I got an opportunity to photograph some models with my photography club. Perfect timing for this contest.
    DSC_0937 by dspector32, on Flickr
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    The focus and detail are amazing. Wonderful color as well. What lens were you using? I'm not totally sold on the composition. The bottom right bugs me a bit for some reason.
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    I know the portion of the nose showing may be a problem with the composition. I may try cropping it to remove that.

    I used the Canon "nifty fifty", which is to say the 50mm f/1.8.
  11. Hairyspuds, Jul 24, 2011
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    My wife bought me a Lensbaby with a macro attachment for Fathers Day this year. Considering how inexpensive it was I have been pleased with the results. This is my three year old's eye.


    This is my one year old. We were just looking out the window on a rainy Seattle day and I decided to take some pictures. He has LOTS of energy and I can never get him to look right at me.

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    I really like the color in that eye. It looks like it has fire in it. I'm reminded of "The Eye of Sauron" in the Lord of the Rings movies.
  14. Ish
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    This one was harder than I thought it would be. He didn't just travel in a straight line, but waved his head about constantly. After I'd got the shot the first thing that caught the eye was the patterned shell. I think it looks better with most of it cropped out. Maybe a can of paint would have been better! Do you think it'd look better with all of it in focus, rather than just the eyes given that they're so small? Anyway, I'd welcome your thoughts.

    And yes, I know he doesn't have any catchlights in his eyes! :)


    I love this picture, the slight angle and the smiling eyes. Makes me want to smile too, just looking at it.
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    I see you.


    .....any comments/critiques/thoughts would be very helpful......I'm rather new @ this....
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    My favorite eye model

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    Anonymous Eyes!

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    I love both of these. There is a certain mystery behind each. Makes your wonder who's behind those "masks."
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    I have to agree. These are great.

    Waybo, I think it might help if you could add some sharpening to the eyes. Eyes can stand to be sharpened a lot and brightened up a little as well. Note how the other picture has a clear and fairly bright eye.
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    Stef and her faces

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    Designer Dale

    Hi, folks. The poll for the next Challenge topics has been up for a day now, and only three members including myself have voted. Remember that you have three votes to use, but you can't vote again if you already have.

    The Poll Link is Right Here.

    Lack of interest is what killed the Challenge last time, I would hate to see that happen again.

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    I missed that we were voting for the next group. Thanks for the update.
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