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Forum issues? Am I here all alone?

Discussion in 'Site and Forum Feedback' started by maflynn, Dec 5, 2011.

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    I can't really believe I'm the only one online
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    That's not happening to me.
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    There are some issues, for sure. I clicked the Quote button to quote you, but it just opened up a "Reply to Thread" without quoting you. You're not alone:
    ScreenCap 6.PNG

    Edit: Now the quoting works. Maybe just a hiccup.
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    Me neither.

    EDIT: I have, however, been having problems with Spy loading (it's failed to load a few times today).

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    You're the only person on the forums right now bro .

    I'd say it's a glitch of some kind.
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    I keep having issues getting into some pages...on and off. I can't get online at all with tapatalk right now.
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    You never appreciate how big these forums are, until you experience the vast emptiness.....esss....esss.....esss....esss....
  8. arn
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    not sure what was going on.

    are people still seeing problems?

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    Hello - anyone there. I keep hearing echos - and the voices in my head :eek:

    Looks like everything is back to normal - I see everyone online.
  10. arn
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    I think I know what the problem was.

    Should be better now.

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    What was happening for me is it wouldn't log me in unless I checked the "Remember me" checkbox. If that box was unchecked, it would just cycle back around as if I hadn't just entered my name & password.

    Seems to be fixed now. To test, I removed all cookies in browser, left "Remember me" unchecked, and the login worked.
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    On a somewhat related note the forums have been really slow for me.
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    So what was the issue?
  14. arn
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    we run on a master/slave config. the slave db was behind the master at the time due to some increased server load, resulting in the weird issues.

    everything should be roughly back to normal now

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    I'll second this!
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    Yes, I have to say I have noticed this earlier today as well.
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    Everything is fine and speedy for me. No slowdown issues at the moment .
  18. Intell, Dec 6, 2011
    Last edited: Dec 6, 2011

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    I've been having some slowdowns in page loadings, mostly avatars. Resetting the cache and switching browsers doesn't seem to help. I've also noticed that the JavaScript powered menu, like the thread tools menu, are not working via JS. Instead they are working as if I don't have JS enabled by opening.

    Edit: I seem to have fixed the JavaScript issues by restarting FireFox. But some threads still have strange problems fully loading images and avatars.

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