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Forum Request.

Discussion in 'Community' started by sparkleytone, May 11, 2002.

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    I'd like to make a small request to Arn, and am asking if I am supported here.

    Although I really like the growth this community has made, the continuous addition of more forum groups is getting a bit unwieldy. I had just become used to General Discussion being at the top of the "Misc" column, and now its not. Add this to the fact that there are just ALOT of groups now, and the ease of use I took for granted on this forum is beginning to disappear.

    It's a bit much to keep up with.

    Anyone agree, or am I taking crazy pills?
  2. arn
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    Re: Forum Request.

    I agree actually... I'll have to reassess the forums overall...

    Some of them may be superfluous.... l felt Community really had to be split off though - as 2/3 of the posts in general discussion was non-Mac related.

  3. arn
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    Staff Member

    I made some changes... and absorbed Mac Converts into Community....

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    Good stuff. Everything is neater and more sensical now. Thanks Arn.
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    Mr. Anderson

    It just goes to show that the 'community' is helping evolve the site. I don't think there's anything wrong with this, as a matter of fact I'm all for it. The site is here for the members and I'm really glad to see that we can have a positive impact on the site in general.

    My guess is that a year from now there will be even more changes. :D
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    thank you, im just checking it out and it already looks more organized. i dont mean to be a pain but that was the first time i had felt it a pain to browse the forums.
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    what is even better is that we have been witnessing many changes over the past few months....and as long as we stick around...we'll be the "old guys" around here...everyday it seems we're getting another "I finally ordered my Mac or registered" thread....so we're definitely growing... :D

    but the "community" part is definitely become a big part of the site...there is a sense of friendship I feel around here now whenever I jump into the discussions and see the familiar faces...

    I'm all for it as well...he he he :D ;) :p
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    I agree that there is a sense of friendship among members. I feel a part of a greater good for the Mac. I am begining to become an "old" member.
    It feels great to have a new member and how we make them feel so welcome.
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    I remember back in the day when there was only Article and Rumours discussion boards.
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    Mr. Anderson

    Yep, I was lurking in the shadows then. It was more of a read and leave site for me. Once the forums broke up a little and allowed for more discussions, I started posting. I haven't looked back since.
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    yeah, it's been a snowball effect for you.

    you are truly a posting freak of nature. ha
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    Mr. Anderson

    I resemble that remark. I think you're just jealous:D And in my defense, I'd like to think I've had as good an influence on the site as any.
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    jealous perhaps. perhaps. not really. i'm happy i have that little picture going for me now. that's fun.

    and if it helps gets some collaboration going, that'll be cool then. so word.
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    Mr. Anderson

    I'm just busting you, sheesh.

    Besides, I need to think of another 'tar, this one is getting a little old.

    Hmm. Monty Python-esque might be next, any thoughts?
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    I thought you were going with the "Floss Gordon" thing?

    Unless of course Mr. Floss has a pal, Toadie, who runs behind him clapping coconuts together...:D
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    if i were to try to give you ideas/advice on avatars, it'd be like devean george giving advice and ideas to michael jordan on how to be a more successful bball player... sure, he might come up with something new for jordan to try, but it wouldn't be good... ha

    live your heart and never follow. live the monty python way, of the avatar...

    or something
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    on the subject of different forums, i am just wondering about general discussion and community discussion. general is for Mac related discussion, right? and that makes community for cmpletely Mac un-related stuff. is this correct?:confused:
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    Yep, you have it right. Just think of the other rumor forums, it's the same layout.
    AppleInsider: General Discussion versus Apple Outsider
    Spymac: The Lounge versus General Tech chat

    It's a nice way of dividing the content

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