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Forza 2 Demo is out

Discussion in 'Console Games' started by rtdgoldfish, May 10, 2007.

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    There is a demo for Forza 2 out on XBL now. Anyone else grab it yet?? Must be a lot of people downloading it because its taking forever. This is one of the games I've been looking forward to for a while so I hope its good.
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    Let me know when you have it downloaded, and give a review will ya? Do you have the GTHD demo too, assuming that you have a PS3 as well? If you do, maybe some comparisons? :D From what I've seen on screenshots, I'm particularly not too impressed with Forza 2. I'm just wondering about the controls for Forza...GTHD is just perfection. Can Forza be as good?
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    From what I've heard, Forza 2 isn't a major visual showcase, but from a game perspective it surpasses GTHD.

    Controls are supposed to be better then any other game, and it's a gear head's dream game.

    Seems to be a much more "car lovers" game, but not entirely focused on graphics. I'll probably check it out, but I'm not a big sim-racer fan.
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    An answer from a user on IGN's thread:

    "The demo is cool, wish there was more than 1 track though. Does anyone know if this was final code? Anyone who says this game does not look good is just being silly. Does it look amazing? No. PGR3 looks better in my opinion. I guess if I had 1 gripe, its "why couldn't this game look better than a launch game?" Is 60 FPS that hard to achieve? Still, it looks good and races better than anything else."

    Hmm, I don't know. I've always loved GT, and then when I played Forza, I was like, "Are you kidding me? Feels like a complete ripoff of GT, only with crappier controls." If you think Forza is more of a "car lovers" game, then you are sadly mistaken. Both games are car lover games. Forza is just trying to be both arcade-ish and simulation based. Which would you rather have? I'd take either or, but not both mashed into one. :rolleyes:
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    I read your comments and agreed. I bought a PS2 just for GT. However (only after playing the demo) they have it sorted. It's a sim, and its fantastic.

    Drives wonderfully (I mean, I've never driven a full race spec Ferrari 575, but this is what I'd want it to drive like) and the damage looks great. Although the 'rag doll' (can you call it that?) of when parts fall off could do with a little work. It looks planned, like parts almost have paths when they fall off if you get my drift. Lacks a cockpit view, but that might be in the full version, you never know. Graphics are great. Better than PGR? We'll have to wait for the final release, menus are a little too PGR + GT for me tho.

    Can't wait for the release now.
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    Ahh, sounds good then. I've read a lot about how bland the graphics are. And as for controls, I'll have to see for myself once I pick up my 360...Whenever that is...Probably fall when the 65 nm transition occurs.

    But if you say it lacks a cockpit view, that really detracts from the game! I mean, drive with a steering wheel without cockpit view? Yuck...Anyway, the final version just went gold today, so it's ready for manufacturing. Hopefully, as you say, they do have a cockpit view! :rolleyes:

    Forza 2 spins to gold status
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    Just downloaded the demo too, a few quick points (keep in mind, I am no racing game enthusiast):

    -damage is fantastic
    -crashes and physics are aslo great
    -solid graphics (not amazing, just solid)
    -feels good to me
    -no cockpit view ala PGR 3

    I will definitely be renting this game, but no racing game will ever be as great as it can be without that seriously awesome cockpit view from PGR3. Seriously. That should be standard these days.

    EDIT: It has an "in car view" where you can see the front of your hood a bit, and this works great- it's just not the spectacular graphical view goodness that is PGR3's cockpit view.
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    now i can finally put forza 1 down and start owning in 2 early
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    I just downloaded it, doesn't seem as sharp as GTHD, but the damage is definetly a plus. I just wish they had more tracks in the demo, and maybe some more customization options. Other than that, it looks like a very solid game, and I will pick it up when it comes on 5/29
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    ... and I just discovered the Telemetry settings. While you race. This game is going to be immense.
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    I think you just haven't followed the game that much.

    For "Gear Heads" I don't see how someone could say GT outclasses this new Forza. It is a sim, and it has such a huge amount of features for car tuning and beyond it's ridiculous.

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