Found a powerbook g4 12" 1.5ghz barely used still new really want it but..

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by jjahshik32, May 10, 2008.

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    But its going to cost me $900. Its not for performance really (of course) but its for my love for the 12". This machine is practically brand new as the original owner bought it in 2006 just when it was discontinued and only used about 20 hours (also indicated on the battery life as well). The build quality is brand spanking new and its the closest I'll ever come to finding it this brand new.

    I just love the 12" powerbook and I already own a 15" mbp but I'd love to own a 2nd hand laptop just to take around with me for webbrowsing and mail kind of stuff.. I know I can get a macbook.. but I still want that 12" powerbook!

    My question is that anyone here have good/bad experiences with a powerbook g4 12" 1.5Ghz model?? I'm just afraid that since its new and what if the logic board fails in the next 6-12 months!! I'd keep this powerbook until it dies and keep it as a collectors item/just lust but I want it to be able to function 6-8 years!

    I know at least with the 2-3 year old powerbooks from sellers on ebay I would at least know that it ran fine for those years but I'm scared about brand new powerbook that hasnt been used in the past 2 years.
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    If you got the money and you want it, then go for it.

    Computers are not like automobiles...even if you dont use them for years, they should fire up just fine. automobiles on the other hand, definitely should get checked up if left sitting for a month.

    if you really want to test it, run the "yes" loop in terminal. run a few simultaneous "yes" terminal windows to make it interesting.
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    I do have the money for it.. but after seeing this geekbench score:

    PowerBook G4 (12-inch 1.5 GHz)
    PowerPC G4 @ 1.50 GHz 639

    I think I'm starting to shy away from it again, even if its brand new.. I wonder how well leopard will run on the 12".

    But then I did say performance does not matter.. long as I can surf the web, check email, watch a dvd/divx (non hd I know it wont run 720p/1080p stuff).
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    I have that same powerbook and I still use it as my main travel notebook. I have been waiting for Apple to come out with another 12 inch build but I am not sure if this will happen any time soon with the Mac Air out there.

    It runs 10.5 fine and the build quality is excellent even by Apple standards. I have had it since 2005 and it has been put to heavy use and bumped through many airport security checks. It even has a dent in it but still works fine. In my opinion, it is also the best looking notebook Apple has ever put out there.

    The processor speed and the non-intel chip are significant drawbacks but its fine for browsing and watching DVDs on the plane. The screen actually covers a bit more real estate than you would think as its taller than the Macbook screen. The internal speakers sound surprisingly good (much better than the Macbook speakers) but I imagine you will use headphones for this.

    One additional drawback is the hard disk space so you may need to spend a bit more to upgrade the hard drive as well. You should also max out the ram.

    There is certainly the temptation to upgrade to the Macbook or even a Macbook Pro and the inability to run Parallels or Bootcamp is a major drawback. However, in my case, I have come to terms with the fact that there is nothing I need to do on this powerbook that requires any of this.
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    I miss that size. I had that powerbook (not the latest build, can't remember what speed the proc was at) but then when the final build came out, and it provided only 1.5GHz as opposed to the 15 and 17's 1.67, I converted over to 15... I love specs...:D
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    I feel stupid for asking, but what is the "yes" loop in terminal? I've never heard of that...
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    I say go for it... I've said it before and I'll say it again... My PBG4 is the best machine I've ever used. I've had it for almost 3 years (AppleCare is up in either September or October) and I've had barely an issue with it. My SuperDrive conked out for a little, but that was covered by AC. It runs Leopard great, and as you already know, it's the perfect size for being on-the-go :)

    This is the only thing that worries me. I don't doubt that the PowerBook would be able to function for that long, but the question is what type of software do you expect to be using for that amount of time. I can't run Office 2008 on mine (well, I can, but it's extraordinarily slow) or Adobe CS3... so if you don't mind using software that's around now in the year 2016, then yeah, you're fine. Otherwise, don't plan on running (much) new software in the coming years...
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    And you haven't bought a new laptop is like what, 2 days??? :)

    I say if you want it go for it, if not you will always wish you had. If worse come to worse, you can always sell it.
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    best computer I ever owned. wish apple would make something in the same form factor but a mbp.
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    $900 is rip-off. Sorry.

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    try it on your iMac. ;)

    type "yes" (w/o quotes) in your terminal window.
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    Thanks alot for the comment, thanks to this comment I came to my senses and wont be buying and rather save mtself the $900 on a future upgrade. :)
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    Nothing happened. Just a load of 'y's over and over.
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    it does that and also works your CPU to death, unless your fans can save it.

    good way to test if your fans are working. Leave it running for a few minutes, and run multiple windows of "yes"
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    You change macs faster than my girlfriend changes her panties.:)

    Which mac do you own right now? I thought I read somewhere you just gotten a mb?
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    I had the macbook but it had alot of problems with it, including audio popping issue, full colors smeared and fading and freezing upon rebooting, sometimes hdd wont pick.

    Now I have the 15" 2.4ghz mbp and its the best quality led screen that Ive seen! Ive been through 10-14 mbp (had it exchanged 4 times each at 2 different applestores due tl yellowing toward bottom and not just slight but horribly yellow and color washed out lg screens but no yellowing towards the bottom) so far since last year and this screen a 9c80 is by far the most vivid/evenly lit/no yellowing toward the bottom/led screen that Ive seen.

    And only the nehalem mbp rev b will make me upgrade. :)
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    I agree. $900 is a bit steep.
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    I might have bit for even $700 though.. but the guy insists that since its brand new... =/
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    Not worth it in my oppinion. While certainly I think that my 12" PB is the best notebook ever made by Apple and that the MBA is just beating around the bush, $900 for a "new" PB is not worth it. I got mine for $650 and it's maxed out with not much damage to it save a dent on the back. Mac2Sell quotes $600 for a maxed machine (like new at that), so I would absolutely not get cheated out of a good $300, seeing that in addition to that, the machine in question is really probably not maxed out. I'd say only buy it if you really want it, but I wouldn't go for one if it's $900. From experience with mine, I must say a refurbished MacBook would make you much happier performance wise.
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    Hopefully it is every day. How often do YOU change yours? :)
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    Yea I made the decision not to go for one.. as much as I do love the 12" powerbook.. I realized that $900 is insane as I could easily put that much towards a future upgrade to the newer mbp after selling this one when Nehalem hits!
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    For $900, I'd go for a refurb MB or even pitch a bit more for a brand new MB, with MUCH better performance and elements.
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    Since you are the only potential buyer in two years, say $650 and be prepared to go to $725 or walk away.

    He'll crawl back within three weeks.
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    A noob here who stumbled on this thread... What is a good asking price for a sealed 12' PB? I actually have one that's completely sealed - never opened. It was purchased May 2006 and just sat there. It's a 1.5GHz, 1.25gb RAM (Apple factory install), 100gb HDD and SuperDrive - the last and fullest equipped version of the 12". I'm thinking about listing it on eBay and Craigslist since I don't really need it any more. I figure it'll be more for the avid collector. Would $900 for this one that's not open be fair? I'm also thinking that if I go Craigslist, I can save a bit on the listing fees and can charge less. Any advice?
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    man page for "yes"

    GJH-Leopard-MBP-2:~] g4greg% man yes
    YES(1) BSD General Commands Manual YES(1)

    yes -- be repetitively affirmative

    yes [expletive]

    yes outputs expletive, or, by default, ``y'', forever.

    The yes command appeared in 4.0BSD.

    4th Berkeley Distribution June 6, 1993 4th Berkeley Distribution
    [GJH-Leopard-MBP-2:~] g4greg%

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