Found any non-compatible iPhone apps??

Discussion in 'iPad Apps' started by MattWylde, Apr 4, 2010.

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    So at the keynote, Apple said that the iPad will work with "almost all". Aside from the phone and camera apps (and GPS apps for now), has anyone found any other apps that are not compatible with the iPad?
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    They work, it's just most of the non-native apps looks like s*** when expanded to full screen, but that's about it.
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    What he said. Emphasis on the s***.
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    Emoji apps don't seem to work. I tried iemoji and another one I can't remember. Maybe I'm missing something?
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    What about the Sling player?
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    I have an app called 'Art' that will not open.

    Not sure if im doing something wrong or not.
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    Apps that require specific hardware will not work. For instance, one mobile TV app pairs with a special case by Mophie which has an antenna.
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    Sling player works. The video quality at x2 however is like watching a really badly encoded youtube video. From what I'v read Sling is working on optimizing the player for iPad.
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    Navigon seems to work, though I haven't taken the iPad anywhere to -really- test it.
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    Did it work for you? When I started mine it was stuck on the "Simulation Only" screen and was just sitting there waiting for a 3G signal.
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    Your iPad doesn't have GPS, so you'll be waiting a long time. (wi-fi triangulation isn't going to cut it for a navigation app).

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