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Found (I think) my perfect leather iPad case

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by peapody, Jun 5, 2010.

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    I have been on the look out for cases for my iPad for a few days - and it has really disrupted my studies! ;)

    My requirements for my kind of case:

    There are a lot of cases out there that have kick stands, flaps, creases, buttons, latches, velcro, magnets, every sort of mechanism out there to have the iPad stand for movie viewing I am assuming. I was looking for a professional looking iPad case, leather, without these crazy do-hickeys simply because I think they are unsightly. If my iPad were to be sitting at my desk for me to watch movies from etc, it would not be in a leather folio. A leather folio is a good case to look professional, and serious I think. The right kind of leather folio would be low profile and clean looking, with high quality soft leather. It would offer protection around the bezel and hold the iPad securely instead of with just four elastic straps that could break who knows when. It should cover the bezel to decrease the amount of fingerprints etc. I tried out the marware, thinking that this was the case for me...nice leather, professional looking, holds the iPad firmly and doesn't have those crazy stand devices. Alas, not for me. The suede detracts from the beauty of the ipad. That is the bottom line. The marware is also very thick, and heavy. It adds substantial weight to the iPad which could be a good or bad thing.

    Anyway I took to ebay. The wasteland of cases. But there was something that caught my eye. So to end the post..I wanted to show you some cases I found from a seller. It is marketed as authentic buffalo skin in three different colors - black, dark brown and light brown - all of which are simply gorgeous. I just ordered them, so I will put in a review once i receive them. I ordered a dark brown and a black because I could not make up my mind. This case as a stand thing, but I am contacting the seller right now to see if it could be removed. If it can..this will be my perfect case.

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    The fact that it covers the light ambient sensor rules it out for me.
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    Yeah that is too bad. But I myself don't let my iPad adjust lighting automatically. That bugs me haha.
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    I'll have to check the case out. It is very similar to the one I settled on, a PDAir in tan. No pockets, no stand options, no extras of any kind. It does have the light sensor but I really like the idea of buffalo leather. My case fits the iPad well and has proven to be functional and protective. Let us know how you like them when received.
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    I contacted the seller and they said that they are coming out with cases without the stand by next week - trying my hand to opt for those ones :D

    THe light sensor as I understand it, is just the hole near the top of the ipad? I will talk to the seller about it. They seem very receptive, and have a lot of knowledge about leather.

    That dark brown one looks like aged wine (or book rather!). Can't wait to get them.
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    The price is right, but that stand design, like used on old picture frames, is not overly appealing to be honest. I can see why you would like it without.

    It has potential without a doubt.
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    You say you don't want/like the stand on the case. But, without one, how to prop it up to watch a movie, etc. while in the case?
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    I use a pillow.
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    Just ordered one, though despite others experience of rapid responsiveness, I have yet to hear a peep out of the seller. Anybody else get their's yet? How long did it take? Was the seller commuicative?
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    Hi, has anyone published a review of this case now? Peabody?
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    iPAD Luxury Case in Genuine Buffalo Leather (Black)

    Hey there - I've recently ordered one of these Buffalo Leather cases, due to arrive to me sometime next week. I'll post a review for everyone's acknowledgment. Note I selected this case based upon its features, multiple viewing angles and that its in leather as opposed to the fake stuff everyone else is offering at or around the same price level.

    The case I ordered, same as this one http://cgi.ebay.com/IPAD-LUXURY-CAS...tem&pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item45f349938a

    More info to soon follow.
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    iPAD Luxury Case in Genuine Buffalo Leather (Black) Pt II

    I received delivery of the previously referenced case. The quality of material (leather) and style are very nice. Note the reason for me pursuing this case was the multiple viewing angles it offers, which work perfectly; and price which I think is excellent given there are fake leather version selling for the same if not higher price.

    The iPad fits perfectly with no indication of it slipping in any direction. The concern worth mentioning is that the edges are exposed and if you drop you iPad you're sure to have it dented or scratched. But look around, nearly all cases have this same issue.

    Conclusion for the price, it gets the job done.
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    Are these actually really leather? I know the listing says it is but I have been looking at this case http://www.amazon.com/Acase-Leather-Jacket-folio-Tablet/dp/B003K0E6BG/ which looks the same but some people say it isn't real leather. I have read so many reviews about the case and some say it is real leather and some say it is not real leather but they all link back to that same amazon listing! I would rather pay $45 and get real leather than $26 for fake. I keep having bad luck with all this "genuine" leather being really cheap and crappy looking.
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    I just received 5 of these cases for review on my YouTube channel. I should have a review up in a week or so and I'll be giving away 4 of these cases.

    First impression is very good & thin case for a cheap price. I think it's faux leather, but still nice, smooth, and very attractive.
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    Have A Look Here

    THis site looks pretty cool with a large range of ipad (and iphone acessories)

    http://www.n-case.ltd.uk :)

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