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founding of anti-zealots

Discussion in 'Community' started by jefhatfield, Apr 27, 2002.

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    try to sell macs by how they can help a user

    if you are a mac user who constantly has to lie to make pcs look bad and macs look good (negative campaigning), then you are a mac zealot

    ...so spikey started a campaign to combat fighting pcs with false facts...it is best to fight pcs with the good truths of the mac...machine vs machine in a fair fight
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    So why are you a member? Do you lie to convince people to buy Macs?
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    ... Beej, in jef's signature it clearly says "anti-zealot".....

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    The best weapon to fight mac ignorance is to teach. I am lucky to have the oppurtunity to teach customers every day, and it feels great to convert someone.

    I don't lie. Ever. I find that simply pointing out the advantages to the mac platform is a great selling tool, and simply letting people use them. The computers can almost sell themselves.

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    Re: founding of anti-zealots

    ...So no mindless zealots. Just well-rounded, well-informed, level-headed enthusiasts, right? That's what I am, and that's why I'm here.

    Some Mac users can be likened to mindless spewers of flase information, are these the people you are referring to? I have never met one in person before, but they are in these forums for sure.

    Glad to see there's people here that want to counter a total cult-following. I tip my hat to you. Keep up the good work. :)
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    100 posts in less than a month eh? That's some fine shootin' boy! You must have a lot of time on your hands. Welcome to the site.

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    Thanks. Come finals time, you'll see less of me. ;)

    Suffice it to say, I got sucked in. Thanks to all of you for being...well...you. It's been a pleasure.
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    LOL! Don't I feel dumb. I should learn to read ;)

    Sorry hat man!
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    Re: Re: founding of anti-zealots

    I'm "the mac guy" at the shop where I work, as is the case with lots of people on here.. and as such, I often find myself having to deal with the zealots... they tend to think ALL mac users are like themselves, and when I point out that there are plenty of really good reasons to have or use a PC, they look at me like I am some sort of monster. It's gotten to the point over the last half dozen years that I enjoy baiting the Mac zealots as much as or more than I do the PC zealots. Guess I'm just evil.
    Hope you are able to avoid these people... and yes, pathetic as they seem when you read their posts on the boards, they're MUCH worse in person.
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    Re: Re: Re: founding of anti-zealots

    *Looks at IndyGopher*

    "What are you, some kind of monster!?"

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    Another hapless victim lured into the vortex of MacRumors.com...it's harder to escape than a Black Hole...hmmm, sounds like a new motto:

    MacRumors.com: it's harder to escape than a Black Hole!
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    u know...the "anti-zealots" used to be a select group of individuals who were against completely bashing the pc-loving world...

    but lately it's become a fashion trend for the members of macrumors...

    lately I've been really wanting to start another group...consisting of our finest members...and not something that everyone is going to wanna be involved with...

    but on the other hand...imitation is the sincerest form of flattery...he he he :p
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    That would be the "macrumors Demi-God" status :)
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    the demi-gods have that special status and i will join once i hit 2,000 and see what regular member status i get like marumors 040 or macrumors ppc or macrumors G3

    i have met so many zealots that live near apple and they dismiss things like the pc's speed, bill gates' pull in the industry, benchmarks in pc magazines, ati and nvidia gear on the pc side, los cost of pc gear, etc.

    sometimes zealots don't lie, but they have blinders on and like to pass famous myths like, "gates didn't help apple with his measly 150 million dollars!"

    ...btw, i could use some of that measly 150 million right now, thank you
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    I suppose u guys are right...but the Demi-Gods just don't seem to be looked up to like the Anti-Zealots are...strange way things work out sometimes...he he he... ;)
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    All that may be nice and well, but I got 150 posts in my first month.

    Unfortunately, mc68k cannot log in under some different name (to try and beat my record), because it is not allowed. Although in two months I did manage to rack up about 270 posts, so you still have some time... :)

    Any time is a great time for iPod.
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    I've averaged just under 100/week the last few weeks...if you really want to see who's a crazy poster check out the top 10 page:

    krossfyter's had 1063 posts (as of today) since 1/13/02... 10.13 posts per day...300 posts per month...DAMN!!!
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    I aint that addicted ;)

    As for anti-zealots...count me in.

    I was at my friends house over the weekend, and about 1 year ago I convinced his dad to buy 2 new iMacs (500MHz, Slot Loading, no Burner). Have had only one problem since, they didnt have X. So my brother put 10 on there for them, but the dad decided to get a brand new HP Tower. It had 512MB of DDR RAM, 120GB 7200 HD, 64mb graphics card, 15in LCD, and all that stuff....even a DVD-RW!

    So, its a pretty nice macine, and I really really love the keyboard. It has a volume knob on it! Anyways...

    I was using it, kinda checking out XP, browsing the internet (which it did FAST) and all the sudden I cant do anything. I try clicking the "X", and it wont work. So...i hit restart, and it doesnt restart the computer, it just restarts that user! It was pretty cool, kinda like os X.

    But when I logged back in, the machine froze, and I had to really RESTART it. It was kinda funny....
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    300 a month? Interesting...

    While Captain kross-Hyper is chugging down Java faster than bears after garbage in my home state :) I am going to sit back and relax and type when I have the time. I usually designate an hour a weekday whenever I can. Usually, Saturday is the day I rule supreme and I can chug up to 10 or 20 posts.

    The less time I have to worry about classwork, the more I can get done.

    And where has kross-Hyper been anyways? I haven't seen him posting that much. Maybe he is looking for a better avatar than a candle.

    Any time is a great time for iPod.
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    re: posts per day

    when I'm really active on the threads...I'll average 100 posts in about 4-5 days...it's happened a few times anyway...

    but on average I'd have to guess I post 200-300 times a month...not too shabby for a white boy...he he he :p
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    Hate to be picky, but I did register on the 16th, so that makes it 11 days to 100, not 1 month.
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    Mr. Anderson

    I've had my share of good days myself. I think once last month I managed over 50 in one day. That doesn't happen too often.

    But it means absolutely nothing.
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    It might not mean nothing if just one of those posts helps someone.

    But post count in itself is meaningless. 50 in one day? Insane!
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    We should all write something in our signatures like


    ...or something ;)
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    well, it means about as much as being part of some elite group on a web forum anyway. ha

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