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Four finger update is here!

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by Herofan, Dec 25, 2008.

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    I could not find a topic about this so I make one. Today I checked for an osx update and there was one. Im not sure what more it did but now my four finger swipe works anyway :)
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    I just checked for an update for my Rev A.
    there was none, anyway got excited for a second :)
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    Sorry to hear, I got the Rev B. The osx update was 377mb big.
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    No update here, I already have the 4 finger swipe. I also have the B.
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    I had to use a whole tube of KY Jelly to get my four-finger update.

    :D ....ahhh thank you...
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    The Wonder from down Under ;)
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    Is he referring to OS X 10.5.6 update?:eek:
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    I downloaded an osx update a few weeks ago that people wrote about here on the forum and that did not suport any four finger swipe. Today I checked for new updates and there was two updates, one with a few Raw camera plugins and one osx update that was 377 mb. I installed them and then four finger swipe was there. I live in Sweden, on the pic it says "Fyra fingrar" its the swedish for "four finger". Has no one else done this update?

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    not that i'm aware of, but congrat !
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    this update you speak of has been out for a few weeks now.
    May I ask if your model gets hot?
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    Not realy. If I watch youtube videos or HD material the fans go up to 6000-6500 rpm and the temp is 70-80 degrees. If I use Safari ,mail and Itunes its 50 degrees somthing and the fans is on 2500 rpm. Do you have the four finger swipe?
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    Yes I have 4 finger swipe.
    Its a nice option but not amazing.

    As I type this via safari my heat is at 55C /2502 rpm .....
    thats only with safari open .. no other programs

    But generally any flash or video puts me up in 85C / 6500 rpm
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    Thats tru, its not amazing but it was alot of talk about it here on the forum when it was missing and i thought it was weird that no one comment on it now when its fixed.

    My tempeture is slightly lower, now I have only safari open and its 44 degrees. But its tru, when I watch flash or HD it gets up to about 80 degrees and the fan spins at 6500 rpm like you said. But if I stop watch the video it goes down again pretty quick.

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