Foxconn Planning U.S. Expansion Alongside Apple's Push for Domestic Mac Production

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    Just as Apple CEO Tim Cook has revealed that Apple will be bringing some Mac production back to the United States next year, Bloomberg reports that Apple's manufacturing partner Foxconn is seeking to expand into the country.
    Neither Apple nor Foxconn has confirmed that the two companies will be working together on U.S. Mac production, but Cook noted that Apple's $100 million investment in domestic production would involve "working with people".

    The moves by Apple and Foxconn to bring production to the United States demonstrate an evolution of the thinking held by Apple until very recently, which comes from a perspective that the U.S. labor force and supply chain simply aren't set up to handle the kind of nimble consumer electronics mass production available in China.
    With Cook's announcement regarding domestic Mac production for 2013, the company is clearly testing the waters, perhaps with a low volume product like the Mac Pro, but the company faces major challenges if it wishes to bring operations on the scale of iPhone production to the United States.

    Article Link: Foxconn Planning U.S. Expansion Alongside Apple's Push for Domestic Mac Production
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    That sounds great. I've wanted production to come back to the states for a long time.
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    Question remains: where are the current "Made in USA" iMacs being made?
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    Challenges exist only if you have no vision~!

    "but the company (Apple) faces major challenges if it wishes to bring operations on the scale of iPhone production to the United States."

    Opportunity is what you give yourself with vision.

    Apple faces limits until the day when component integration & miniaturization and robotics allow a nearly totally robotic assembled iPhone. Once that day comes, which I predict is only years away, Apple can put factories anywhere the market is located.

    They could easily have factories in Asia, EU, US & South America. Geographic dispersal also assures Apple that earthquake, typhoon, revolution or fire doesn't shut down an entire product line.

    It is real and it will come.
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    In the USA.
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    I applaud Tim Cook and Apple's leadership for taking this direction.

    I hope that Americans can do as great of a job as the Chinese have.

    We need to move these jobs back to the good ole USA. We have too many people out of work.
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    So it can be done, after all!
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    Jobs are very cool! I wish it was a us company profiting tho (besides apple lol).

    Still I will take jobs!
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    It might work for a while. Then unions will come in an destroy it and they will go back overseas.
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    I'd love to see sources to back this up.
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    Some people dream of robots doing all the work.

    Well what will happen to the people who used to do those jobs?

    So a few people at the top get to rake in $billions and the rest of us "can eat cake"?
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    I'm surprised Apple hasn't moved toward greater automation for the iPhone and iPad production as is.
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    Assembled*, Parts are still made in China.
  16. Jetson, Dec 6, 2012
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    Unions won't have to come in if the company treats it's people well.

    Most workers don't want the hassle of dealing with union rules and fees. However if the employer treats it's people unfairly, then a good, strong union may be needed to secure bargaining rights for workers. Individual workers can't deal with the powerful, wealthy people at the top of corrupt businesses.
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    it isnt made in usa its Assembled in the USA.....Mostly Customer configured just like in Ireland for the Europe market.
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    This is exciting to hear. I'm sure there are going to be major challenges. But there's an interesting anecdote from Steve Jobs' biography: he went to Corning to discuss using Gorilla Glass in the first iPhone. Corning at that time had shelved Gorilla Glass decades before because they didn't know how to market it. Jobs wanted them to ramp up production within six months. Corning initially balked, saying it would take much longer. But Jobs kept pushing and Corning delivered. Sometimes the main preventer of success is inertia.

    The US is capable of manufacturing, but it will need to be pushed in that direction since so much of our infrastructure has been dismantled (rail lines, for example). Apple has the clout to do it, and possibly help get this country moving again.
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    It's probably a charity move on the hand of Foxconn to appease Apple.
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    minimum wage jobs. still good though. teenagers need better options than fast food. working the line is a step up.
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    Hope the quality is good

    Well I hope the quality is up to scratch. US assembled products don't often have a good reputation. Remember all those dodgy cars!
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    Designed in California.
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    I'll agree with you on that for the most part.

    Too bad most unions haven't been "good" for decades.

    Regardless, its more jobs being created in the US and thats good.
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    I hope there will be an option to buy a USA made Apple on checkout. I would pay up to $50 more for a US-Made computer.
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    Focusing (politicians, tech writers) on Apple making their products in USA is a trap.

    I hope Tim does not fell in that trap.

    Apple can not and will never employ all the unemployed people in the USA.

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