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Foxconn to Suppliers: iPad 2 Production Will Not Be Delayed Due to Explosion

Discussion in 'MacRumors.com News Discussion' started by MacRumors, May 22, 2011.

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    Beyond the obvious human toll of last week's Foxconn factory explosion, there's been speculation about how the incident may affect Apple's iPad 2 production.

    Some analysts have already suggested that the production impact should be minimal, but now China Times is reporting more definitively that the iPad would not be affected based on comments from Foxconn to suppliers.
    "Related iPhone devices and new iPad products" appears to be sufficiently vague, but Apple, of course, is expected to launch a new iPhone around September this year which is likely to be manufactured by Foxconn.

    The explosion which rocked Foxconn's factory on Friday night killed 3 people and left 15 injured. Apple has issued a statement expressing their condolences to the victims and family and that they are investigating the event.

    Article Link: Foxconn to Suppliers: iPad 2 Production Will Not Delayed Due to Explosion
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    Well they are certainly NOT going to get up on stage and state that production WILL be affected...which would immediately:

    1)drop Foxconn's stock
    2)drop Apple's stock
    3)cast doubts (inside Apple and other customers) on why Foxconn doesn't have a backup plan

    It would be nice (for Foxconn) if production will not be affected but it seems crazy to think so...an explosion that kills 3 and injures dozens?...that's at least going to shut the plant down for days (weeks?) as investigations happen...then they have to rebuild the plant.
  3. arn
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    You seem to be under the assumption that Foxconn only has one plant, and that that one plant only makes ipad 2s.

    For scale, it looks like Foxconn had nearly 1 million employees in 2010.

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    And also the Shenzhen factories are the main iPad 2 factories.
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    Well how much more could they delay iPhone 5. I want it now! :mad:
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    Maybe there would be an investigation that would perhaps "shut down" a plant if this was the US....

    and most customers have no idea whatsoever that some plant in China "exploded" or what the heck "Foxconn" is
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    This is a short seller dream. Have fun boys!

    In the states, it would. In PRC Inc., I doubt it. They will just shut down that building or building section and keep the line rolling. Besides those deaths were not in vain and contributed to the frontier of building a workers paradise. ;)
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    This is China. A lot of this will be swept under the rug.
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    Well thank God my iPad2 won't be delayed. I'm sure the families of those killed and injured are comforted by that.
  10. Eddyisgreat, May 22, 2011
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    Yes. Because the thousands of other lives that depend on the iPad production for their welfare (part manufacturers, logistics, retailers, accessory makers, engineers, et al) don't deserve to know ANYTHING about this situation other than that , unfortunately, 3 employees were killed and 15 employees were injured.
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    The article not only said in general production wouldn't be affected. But specified production lines WERE NOT physically affected by the explosion
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    Constable Odo

    Analysts have already planted seeds of discontent into investors minds by offering beforehand that iPad 2 supplies would be affected the the explosion. They're always offering up their half-assed utterings about the things that will affect Apple device production despite knowing absolutely nothing about the details. :mad:
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    The plant is the size of a city. tens of thousands of people work there. It may likely be this explosion was in a store room where they keep paint Likely not even near where Apple products are made.
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    Seriously, who gives a **** if ipad productions slows down a bit for a while? Madness
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    Take a friggin guess,

    People who want to buy one maybe? Like me FFS!

    Why am I meant to give a **** about someone I don't even know
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    "iPad 2 Production will not be delayed"


    "The current short supply of iPad 2s will remain the status quo"
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    Let the speculation begin - or resume, to be more precise.
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    Even if it was true it's not like they could admit it... :rolleyes:
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    It's still tragic that 3 people died =/
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    Yeah, lets not worry about people having thier lives potentially at risk, as long as the *******s get thier Ipads ASAP!

    Hey good news! I do not know you! Enjoy the delay!
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    What does everyone else think about this article?


    Edit: just found a Youtube video regarding this article.
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    Excellent response :D (it was much more polite compared to what I was going to say!)
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    I only care that the explosion will not happen again.

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