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FP iMac and unpacking/tilted screen

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by MorganX, Feb 26, 2003.

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    I though I read a post somewhere that there was a problem with users giving their screens a permanent tilt due to how they were unpacking it.

    Is this true? Does it need to be unpacked from the bottom?

    Won't be unpacking for a couple hours, any info appreciated.

    It's been a while since I've been this excited about a computer, hope it doesn't let me down.
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    No problems at all here... just don't pull all from the monitor...

    Remember the handle and the base are always the best.
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    I had a hard time unpacking mine from the box. I too heard that other people had problems too. Just pull from the base or "neck" from the bottom. If all else fails, carefully cut out the styrofoam from the computer.

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    The Flat Panel iMac is designed to be picked up by its neck.

    Open the box from the top. Follow the directions on the cardboard insert on how to unpack it.

    I suggest not removing the protective bag around the display until after you have it where it's going. Also if you are saving the box, it might be good to remove the bag carefully so you can re-use it again.
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    yup, i didn't have much of a problem with mine; it is a bit tricky, but just don't pick it up by the screen, use the neck and put your other hand on the bottom of the machine for support. i actually had my friend over when i got my computer, which made it a bit easier, but my cousin got his iMac out without a problem.
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    First, thanks to everyone who responded so quickly. I read all the responses and the Apple.com posts.

    BTW, there were no instruction on how to unpack. I took the advice of the guy on Apple.com and opened the bottom, set the box upright on the open bottom, then just lifted the box up.

    I do see how some unpacking damage could occur. I didn't want to lift it by the neck so I fingered around until I found an easier way. Lift the screen straight up (it's natural motion) then the foam that houses the neck and speakers slips right out. After that you can lift it from the base with no problem.

    Does anyone package a product any sweeter than Apple? So far my experience is as nice as my iPod experience. I put in the Airport EX card and an Apple 512MB SODIMM for 1G.

    I haven't plugged it in, or removed the screen protecting foam, until I decide where I'll keep it. It's so sweet, it needs a place just for it, not just anywhere on a desk. Man if the performance is acceptable, I'm going to become somewhat of an Apple Lover! I wish I felt this way unpacking my PC parts ;>

    Thanks again....
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    yeah, unpacking an apple product is quite an exciting experience. one note of advice: if you plan on moving it from one room to another, don't be afraid to carry it by the neck. It feels awkward, but it's the reccommended way to carry it. by the way, good luck with the computer, hope it brings lots of joy. :)

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