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FRECCIA - Leather iPad Bag - Review

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by reactions, Jun 15, 2011.

  1. reactions, Jun 15, 2011
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    Well Gents - it took a while for this come from italy but it did.

    i have to first applaud the customer service that Marcopoloni provided.


    Here are the photos...


    Nice size. The ipad with the SwitchEasy Canvas fits upright and latched in the ipad compartment with no issue.

    Nice quality interior. Just nice craftsmanship

    nice strap. very secure on the shoulder.

    magnetic enclosure so the flap stays down.


    Size for some. it's an ipad bag so dont expect it to hold that much. it will hold chargers, your iphone, a small camera , etc. but no magazines and a maybe a small book.

    Color. It wasn't the leather i was thinking i was getting. I wanted a plush soft tone dark brown but i got was more of a sheen looking leather brown.


    This is a great alternative to the muzetto. This runs for $245

    That said it's a very nice bag but i had to send it back because the color wasn't what i wanted. :(

    again i can't speak enough for www.marcopoloni.com ;)

    So i think i'll be looking for a canvas type bag now - keep an eye out for my next crappy review :cool:

    goddamn pix wont upload :mad:
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    You forgot something in the minusm field.

    Way over priced!
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    Hmm not feeling it

    Keep us in the loop what u think
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    I'm sorry but I don't get men carrying purses? Glad you like it though and had money to blow. $245 + shipping......OMG!
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    Hey gf! Lol

    It's a murse = man purse

    How do u suggest carrying the iPad around with accessories and look good?

    Kensington? Belkin? Lol n-word please

    Those aren't hip
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    I don't either but then these aren't purses but messenger bags so your comment isn't really relevant to this discussion is it ? You obviously are confused and don't know that the two are significantly different.
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    That one is ridiculously over priced considering it's made of canvas and doesn't have a leather shoulder strap.
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    It's part leather - the flap and the accents. But design, style and quality aren't a function of the materials. Not a good idea to make thoughtless dismissive judgements.

    It might seem extravagant but it's not relative to the beautiful Vaja case say for about 200 when it has built in obsolence. Anyway life is too short.
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    wow - that's exactly what i'm looking for .

    it's rugged, sexy, and functional.

    not in my price range though

    any other suggestions?
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    Yeh I feel the same. It's a few hundred more than I want to pay. Still looking. It's a tough choice for a guy - most bags are either too feminine, wrong size or just ugly.
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    My comments are totally justified. Regardless of build quality something that isn't made completely of leather shouldn't cost that much and IS ridiculously over priced. Whether you agree or not that happens to be my opinion. If you think different and want to spend that kind of money on a bag like that then that's your choice.
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    I won't buy it because I don't travel enough to justify the outlay. It is expensive. No question. It's a designer label so that gives it a premium. If I can find a chinese copy then I'll get one. But a leather bag isn't necessarily worth more than a fabric or canvas one. They're certainly less practical and rugged.
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    Call it what you will but that's the equivalent of a male purse, it's even leather for goodness sake and looks like a purse.

    What ever happened to carrying a laptop bag with a shoulder strap or a backpack? Did TV corrupt everyones mind into thinking that going Metrosexual is the road ahead. I laugh because you say the two are different but as I sat at the airport on 4 different occasions this week all the "guys" wearing these bags were also wearing tight jeans, capri's or something else femine. Call a spade a spade, because it's a purse, or murse but it's not a messenger bag (unless your the postman).

    As for my post not being relevant, sure it is. The original poster posted his review, and I offered my comments on it saying that it looks like a purse, which is does. If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck it must be a duck....we are all entitled to our opinions. The only reason you are upset with my posting is because you are bothered that I'm calling something you like "feminine" which in my opinion, is. Everyone on this forum provides commentary and feedback on what they like/dislike about a particular product. If what I said offends you, thats on you and any insecurities you may have about carrying an item as the one mentioned. :rolleyes:
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    Well said.

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