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Fred Anderson to Retire as Apple CFO

Discussion in 'MacRumors News Discussion (archive)' started by MacRumors, Feb 5, 2004.

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    Apple announced that Fred Anderson, Apple's executive vice president and Chief Financial Officer (CFO), will be retiring on June 1 2004.

    Peter Oppenheimer, Apple’s senior vice president of Finance and corporate controller will succeed Mr. Anderson as CFO.

    At that time, Fred Anderson will then be appointed to Apple's Board of Directors.
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    Not directly related, but it makes me wonder how many more years Jobs will remain CEO...
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    Is this a good thing or a bad thing?
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    Is this bad news? Good news? What do shareholders think?

    EDIT: Beat me to it.;)
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    He Will Be Missed

    Fred totally saved Apple from doom.

    - He raised money when they need it most
    - He hoarded cash before the downturn
    - He managed to keep investments in the black while the market was spiraling

    Fred is an Amazing CFO and he'll hopefully stay very involved as a board member.
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    *Dreads the day jobs retires*

    I hope when he leaves there will be good replacement.
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    Happy Retirement Mr. Anderson . . .
    and congratulations to Mr. Oppenheimer.

    Jobs remain CEO. . . forever!!! that will be the new apple product. . . a life support system . . . iLife . . . wait that name is already used
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    Thanks for the memories Fred. You kept a pulse in Apple through some tough times and we welcome you to the board. And all those teleconferences you did without wearing any pants... hysterical!
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    Sounds like good news. Seems that maybe he feels comfortable enough with the current financial status of Apple that he can catch up on his fishing.
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    Ambrose Chapel

    yeah, that's a positive way to look at it :)
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    hehe sorry matrix speaking

    hope he has a good retirment and i hope his replacement can build on his successes
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    I always said that, besides Steve Jobs, Fred Anderson was the most irreplacable executive at Apple. He has done an incredible job helping to bring the company back from the brink of death and steadily building up healthy financials through all the ups and downs of the greater tech marketplace. That Apple has billions in the bank and wiped out all of its debts speaks volumes of his accomplishments.

    Still, I think Peter Oppenheimer is the right man to take over. He's been at Apple for a while and worked very closely with Fred, slowly taking over more and more of the financial operations and showing similarly good results.

    It's also good news that Fred will be on the Board of Directors, so he will still be around to offer his financial wisdom.

    Congratulations to Fred on a long, successful run at Apple. Enjoy your retirement.
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    Congratulations on your retirement Mr. Anderson. At least his knowledge will still be available on the Board Of Directors. Hopefully he has done a good job grooming Mr. Oppenheimer for the job of CFO. That he will be able to enter the job running.
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    Jonathan Ive. He gets it.
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    happy retirement fred :D good to see you'll still be part of apple, as a member of the board.
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    My thoughts exactly (especially the Matrix reference)
  17. iPC
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    Another way to look at it is this; it's a powerplay by Jobs to get another ardent supporter of his on the board with him. Rumors are swirling as Apple's market position is not much different from 2 years ago, even with the influx of cool new technology. (similar to the situation over at Disney - Eisner is walking a fine line also. www.savedisney.com )
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    Apple's board is a real weak spot, filled with Jobs fans and people generally ignorant of the businesses that Apple is in (are you listening, Al Gore?). I don't know how Anderson rates in the former category, but at least he doesn't fit into the latter. That's good news.
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    You'll notice if you listen to the quarterly financial results that Peter is always there. He has been groomed for years for this. He is refereed to by Anderson for many of the answers during these meetings. It is a great lose, but I think this is also one of the best executed transitions and remember, Fred will be on the board of directors.
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    Well, we know now that when Mr Anderson retires on June 6 the G6 will come out, and Apple will make the biggest breakthrough in History --

    Oh he's going to the board...
    nevermind :cool:
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    yes but...

    Glad this isn't a Haliburton type thing, but this isn't as exciting to me as the ichat 2.x beta that is video compatible with Aim!!! Arn?
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    He's retiring on June 1st.

    And I think Fred will be a proponent of the new G6.
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    Teleconferences without pants?


    Link me to that!:eek:

    Good luck on that Fishin' Mr. Anderson...
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    iClone... not to be confused with imClone ;)
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    Re: Fred Anderson to Retire as Apple CFO


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