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Fredericton, New Brunswick Canada

Discussion in 'iPhone Purchaser Meetups' started by unfrozen.jon, Jun 15, 2008.

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    I'll be taking the day off work for this launch, yes said I know. I have checked with most of the Rogers stores in Fredericton but no news yet, also no pre-ordering available in Fredericton. I'll most likely be waiting at the Rogers video location unless another opens first, if anyones heard anything else post it.
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    Rogers Vision in Fredericton!!!

    I have talked with Rogers associates at two Rogers Kiosks, one in the Regent mall and the other in the Oromocto mall, and they both confirmed that Rogers has been setting up their Vision service in fredericton and that it might be up by Iphone launch day. It'll be great to be able to use all of the Iphones features in my local area. There weren't any details such as how far the coverage would be but I'd hope it reaches some of the outlying areas.
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    That is great news!! I want to pick up an iPhone as soon as they come out. However, the data/voice plan rates could cause me to change my mind if they are too expensive. I don't really use my cellphone very many minutes per month so I hope that I'm not forced to purchase an expensive voice plan along with the data plan.

    Hopefully we will know something really soon and hopefully they will have some iPhones available here in Fredericton on July 11th.

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    I spent $400 to cancel my Rogers cell phone last year due to the horrible service, prices and phones. The IPhone is such an amazing device that I'd go 3 years with Rogers, at the promised lower rates, since it would replace many of my devices and make it all mobile. I don't know how Apple could allow such a crooked company to sell their product with those high plans. I already took July 11th off work but at those insulting prices I will spent that day at home rather than buy an IPhone.
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    Back on board

    I signed the petitions, emailed and called Rogers & Apple to complain then emailed the list of Rogers heads that were on all the anti-Rogers forums and it seems everyones effort finally worked. I do hate Rogers although the iPhone is the perfect gadget for me and the "temporary" $30/6GB plan is a good deal, it should be more than enough for my usage. I will be lined up at a Rogers store for opening Friday.

    Has anyone in Fredericton checked to see what stores have it in stock?
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    I'll probably go to the Rogers store on Prospect. They have three customer service terminals so things might move more quickly if it's busy.
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    first in line at interactive computers.

    20 min. to go
    wooooo hoopoo
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    cant get out of work until noon :( Arrrg. im going to try to sneak out @ 10
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    Got the first iPhone in Fredericton. I got the Black 16GB version. They only had one 16GB White phone. Not sure how many Black 16GB they had.
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    Me & my wife got ours this morning, the bog down of Apple servers was a disapointment but I'll look past it considering Apple put pressure on Rogers to give us the great data plan. I still hate Rogers but iLove my iPhone.

    Thank You Apple
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    Were you at Interactive Computers behind me?

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    i went down to ICS @ 9am and waited with my boss as he wanted one too and was buying mine - the phone, not the plan :( - and by 10:30 we both had our bricks and returned to work. @ 3:30 my phone was unbricked and i was a happy camper. oh both got the 8gb - loving it so far!

    bit OT - but the poor guys @ ICS didnt seem to sure of the procedure they were to follow, and when the servers went down our rep thought that we coudnt do the activation our selves because we needed a "special" vers. of iTunes. (7.6.43 according to some mystery guy on the phone whom also thought that vers. of was on the cd in the iphone box?? :D LOL... any who i kept a serious face and said id do the activation from work no worries... w/e i got meh iphone :D
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    It's an AMAZING device. I'm really lovin' it!!

    They were having a bit of trouble at ICS. It took them about an hour to activate mine. It was their first time and I guess they would have gotten faster at it if the servers didn't start acting up.


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