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Free Apple TV with 2010 MBA at Best Buy

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by AtmChm, Aug 5, 2011.

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    Just bought a 2010 11" MBA at Best Buy and was told they just started a new promo of getting a free Apple TV with every 2010 MBA. Sale price on the base model 11" was $834.99, same as on their website, which is less than the $899 price on the Apple closeouts website. Interestingly the receipt listed the MBA as $735 and the Apple TV as $99.99 to get to the total of $834.99.
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    Interesting...I wonder if you could take the ATV back then. Seems like you could, since you "paid" for it. Kind of like a "free" gift card where they reduce the price of the item and you pay for the card. Still, the Amazon deal is better if you can get in on it.
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    wow that's ridiculous, but an Apple TV is useless
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    I love my Apple TV - it works great on my bedroom tv!
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    Only to people who don't know what they're for...
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    that's interesting...if Apple start doing this, more ppl will get into and understand how useful the Apple TV is.
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    The next b2s promo
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    Jailbreaking so they are worth owning?
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    Yup, did that today. They took it back with full refund, no questions asked. So, net price was $735.
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    So they took back the ATV and you basically just got the Air for $735...wow. Another great deal. I saw this deal at my local BB, wonder if they'd ring it up the same.
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    Yeah, definitely a better deal than the Amazon coupon unless you already have a Kindle with special offers. Remember, I was told this is only good on the 2010 MBA models, not the new ones. However, they were even willing to give me a "free" ATV on an "open box" 2010 MBA, which was at $799 for the base 11".
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    So was this in addition to the $100 gift card?
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    I love my Appletv and am thinking of buying 6 more for my other tv's! :)
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    I am sorry if this was answered before, but where did you find this information?

    Bestbuy updates their ads every sunday. Today is still Saturday. Is this unadvertised promo or what? Never heard of this before.
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    WTf... what do they have against new macbook air 2011 owners? Why aren't we qualify for apple TV promo. This makes me feel like return this laptop and buy it from amazon.
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    Thats not better than the amazon deal at all. You can get the amazon mba 11" base for $800 (you can return the kindle after you use the coupon). For $85 id take the 2011 MBA over the 2010 MBA any day.
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    there doing it to get rid of the mba 2010s. Honestly your better off with the 2011s anyway. And with the b2s that best buy matches it comes out similar/close to the apple tv promo.
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    You can return the Kindle after using the coupon? I bought a Kindle and I have already bought the Macbook air with the discount. Returning the Kindle does not void the coupon?
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    I made an impulse buy today when I saw an Open Box Best Buy deal for $650 ($834 clearance - 83 Open Box discount - 100 AppleTV). I agree that the 2011 is a far superior machine for very little more money but this is for the wife and she wont be doing anything that requires much power.
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    This has me thinking of going to get two for the kids for christmas presents. I have some 2 old laptops that I may trade in for an extra 200 off each.bring price down some. Daughter is really hard on laptops. Gone through 2 so far in college. Original iPhone busted within 6 months, 1 HTC Hero in 1 few months of getting it, and other electronic devices. Son does pretty good. though. I like this because of the apple TV that can be returned. to bring price down.
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    Did not get the $100 gift card since this was not an 'education" purchase. Does Best Buy actually give those out? I thought you only got those when purchasing directly from Apple.
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    Strange... I asked about this promo at my local bestbuy and they looked at me like I was making things up.

    This is clearly not advertised promo and it must be vary on every stores.
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    Yeah, that could be. It may be just a Best Buy promo for stores that have a lot of stock of the 2010 MBA.

    If you can return the Kindle without voiding the coupon, then the Amazon deal is better, but I also believe it has ended (I think you had to get the coupon by Monday).

    Also, the 2011 MBA is a better deal in general EXCEPT if you don't want Lion, at least not right now. The 2011 MBA won't run on SL, so you have to get a 2010 MBA from the dwindling supply if you want to run SL. That's actually the main reason I bought one, not so much because of the price, and I didn't even know about the Apple TV promo until I was in the store, and even then I thought they were going to just give it to me for free, not take the $99.99 off the price of the MBA. Maybe the sales person I had just made this all up, not sure, but it's all on the sales slip!
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    Yeah, I'd bet individual stores were asked how much stock they had left of the 2010 MBA's and if it were over a certain number they could run the promotion.

    That's what I would think...just ring it up as $0.00 and the MBA at the full price. That's why I was shocked when you said you returned it. Oh well, just another great deal on MBA's! :D
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    Best buy is giving the 100 gift card to match Apple.

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