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Free image editor like photoshop?

Discussion in 'Design and Graphics' started by Beric, Feb 7, 2008.

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    I'm looking for a free image editor that will do some of the most basic photoshop tasks for OS X Leopard, like crop, brighten/lighten, rotate, and maybe a paintbrush of some sort. I would use it so occasionally, that it's not worth it for me to buy anything serious, or I would (unless someone wants to recommend some $5-$10 app). Are there any thoughts on what's the best free image editing app out there?
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    GIMPshop may just be your best option, however clunky.

    If you want to spend more, look at Pixelmator :)
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    Go online and use flickr dude!
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    Remember that Preview can crop and rotate images, and also change the brightness/saturation/etc of pictures

    iPhoto goes a bit further :)
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    Alternativly, go out and buy a semi decent camera and it will probably come shipped with Adobe elements...
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    Right, but if I want to take off, say the square edge of some circular logo, I have no choice. That's why preview doesn't work for me. Neither Preview nor iPhoto have a simple paintbrush, which is all I really need beyond those apps.
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