Free iPod or not to free iPod?

Discussion in 'MacBook' started by BlackiBook, Jul 24, 2009.

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    Okay well I am thinking about trading in my old iBook G4 and my white macbook seeing as the macbook is done for and the iBook is almost done for! The way I see it I should buy it now because I would be the student discount and a free iPod now (which I currently am lacking... again), but at the same time everyone I know that follows apple says that they are going to be dropping some prices soon to compete with the slow economy? Does that sound right to anyone else? I would hate to wait, miss out on the back to school deal, only to find out the price drop is never going to come! What do you all think? Sorry in advance, I know you get this all alot...
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    I can't see them dropping the prices again, they just did a month ago.
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    I guess you would be right, but we were talking more of a price drop on the white macbook... But I would only buy the white macbook if the price drop might actually happen, if not it will be time for the 13 inch Alum Macbook (Pro).
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    If you want a cheap price go refurbished, but you wont get the iPod.
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    Right now, everything is up in the air about the future of the white Macbook with all the talk of a tablet. Personally, I would wait till September and see everything that is released. If you don't like what they have, refurbs and ebay always have the previous models at a discount sometimes at or greater than $200 off.
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    To be honest the price itself is not an issue, I would buy the alum macbook right now and not lose any sleep, its just that I would lose that sleep if I bought it and then a month later the white drops 100 to 200 dollars (even if that isn't going to happen). I like the white just as much as the Alum, but for just 200 more I would rather have the Alum, but put the gap at 400 and I might have to really think about that one... You know what I mean?
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    No, I don't know what you mean. The price isn't an issue, but you don't want to buy one now if the price drops in a month, and you also have to think about spending more for the aluminum vs. the whitebook? You don't make any sense.
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    Think about it this way, you have a choice of a brand new model of a car that is awesome or you have the choice of a older model of the same car that is also awesome but comes with an amazing sound system but they are both roughly the same price... You like them both but of course you would go with the new car because the sound system is cool but it doesn't make up for the fact that the car it comes in is older model... so you up and buy the new car because you only paid 1000 more than for the slightly older car... okay so you are driving down the road you pass the dealership and the car that you didn't buy is now 2000 cheaper than it was two weeks ago... of course you are going to say well damn I thought about buying that one anyway and if I would have waited the I would have saved 3000 dollars!! That is the same thing I am saying with the computers, its not that I have to spend 999 or 1199 its just that if I spend 1199 because it is not much higher than 999, and then that drops down to 799 then the reason I bought the 1199 model (because it was only 200 more than 999) just went flying out the window... you got it now, or can you still not read?
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    Computer prices/specs can change at anytime. Your playing the waiting game. There is a slight chance Apple will do a price drop in any Macs. Any rumors are pure speculation. Just buy when you need it, and if you want to play the waiting game, go ahead and play. :D
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    yeah buddy, don't play the waiting game

    they just put the 13" pro out so that the new whitebook can replace the old 13" alu macbook.

    they won't drop the price promise you that. I know people from apple, and NO they won't drop the price of the unibody or the whitebook for a long time

    If i were you get the Unibody

    Better screen
    Better Processor
    and RAM. 8gb max i believe.

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