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Free iTunes Songs with iTMS Gift Certificate Purchased with ...

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Dec 13, 2005.

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    "Song codes expire May 31, 2006 and are redeemable only on the U.S. iTunes Music Store"
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    So, Paypal works again with iTunes?
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    Nothing like a 50% rebate offer to stimulate sales!
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    If you buy a $20 gift certificate, you get $20 in your account plus 10 free songs worth about $10. So you get $30 worth of music for $20, which I'd consider one-third off, not one-half off.

    Still a good deal, and you don't even have to drink a lot of Pepsi.

    I don't see mention (at either paypal.com or apple.com) of whether you can buy as many of these as you like. If I wanted to, could I buy two $50 gift certificates and get 50 free songs?
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    Sure looks that way.

    I personally don't think I can stomach buying $100 in gift certificates at once, though...
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    I imagine that Pepsi will come through for us again this coming year, in which case that'll supply me with enough new music to keep me happy.

    But if Pepsi has other plans, this deal might be worth it to me.

    So I'll have to decide soon!
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    $10 would be 50% more than $20. ;) Think that's what he meant. Where's Katie when you need her to explain math?

    I'll bet there's a max though, and I wouldn't want spend another $50 to find out.
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    I think the iTMS gift cards are great (I see them everywhere including some gas stations) and will continue to spur sales, especially around the holidays of course.
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    I said rebate, not discount.

    Please check your vision. You seem to be reading words that weren't written.

    You spend $20 and get a $10 rebate. That's a 50% rebate.

    No different from other rebate offers - like the ones where you spend $20 on an item and get $10 back after filling out some forms and waiting six weeks.

    The fact that this rebate pays you in the form of iTunes songs and not cash doesn't change anything.
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    A good deal if you were going to buy the gift certificates anyhow.

    But I would rather see Pepsi with their deal again, since I would drink the soda anyhow, so getting some free songs with all the soda I drink is decent.
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    You might. The last two were introduced at the Superbowl. They may well do another this year.

    I'm waiting and hoping :)
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    I know, I was agreeing with you. ;)
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    Sure it does - that's a product offer, not a rebate. A rebate is money back. iTunes credit doesn't have cash value.

    It's like buying vitamin pills, where you get 90 in the bottle for the price of 60. You wouldn't call that a rebate...

    So it's 75 songs for the price of 50, or a 33% discount from normal price.
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    Or 50% more. ;)

    Since it's 2 ways to say the same thing, I think we should just agree to... agree.
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    How come if I start with a dollar, add 10%, then subtract 10%, I end up with 99 cents instead of a dollar? Obviously, somebody is stealing the penny I lose along the way! ;)

    We're all agreeing on the math and saying the same thing different ways. You get 50% more goods than you pay for, which is the same as paying 67% of the full price for what you get. Which is the same as paying 33% off of the full price. You could even think of it as paying the full amount for what you get and getting an up-front rebate of 50%.

    A pretty good deal whichever way you look at it.
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    I'll be happy to answer your question, Doctor Q. ;)

    I found a statement from Apple today, saying "For every $20 iTunes Music Store gift certificate you purchase, you’ll earn 10 free songs; for every $50 gift certificate, you’ll earn 25 free songs."

    The words in bold show that you can spend as much money as you want on this deal.
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    Dude, you made me dizzy... :p
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    Wish they had something going on like this now:(
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    i think you still can find some:

    PayPal has 25 free song offer, if you pay iTunes via them. just make your purchase and pay with paypal.

    even scarce, there are other free means of getting some giveaway; engadget and gizmodo have occasional giveaways; highqualitymovietrailers.com is giving away 10$ and 20$ certificates , sometime blackberrycool.com has some

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