Free Mac data loss prevention tool kit

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Apr 23, 2008.

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    Link: Free Mac data loss prevention tool kit
    Description:: Paragon Software released the free Rescue Kit for Mac OS X - Lite which allows users to recover quickly and easily from system problems by rescuing important data and restoring their system back to its original state. The tool kit comes with fully automated wizards that allow users to easily backup and restore partitions.

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    Looks like a handy tool!
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    Note that, if you go to Paragon's site, you'll find that:
    1) the product is a public beta, available to anyone who registers
    2) they've set up a MacRumors forum for feedback:
    You may want to check that out before downloading. Of particular note, it's not a Mac-native app, and is Intel only. You need to burn a boot CD, and run the tool(s) from there.
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    Nov 3, 2005
    Isn't this basically like Time Machine :confused:.
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    Only in that they are both backup applications. The similarity ends there (in fact, I'd be hard-pressed to name 2 backup applications that are more different.

    If you read the descriptions of both, and then the macrumors thread I ref'd above, I think you will be much less confused.

    I downloaded it, but given that you have to burn a CD/DVD and boot from it to use it, and that its claims are overstated (e.g. that it's the only backup utilitity that can make a sector-level copy), I'm not going to even give it a try for now.

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