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Free on iTunes: Disney's The Replacements (first free 640 x...

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Sep 13, 2006.

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    Category: Videos
    Link: Free on iTunes: Disney's The Replacements (first free 640 x 480 video)
    Description:: Apple and Disney (is there a difference?) have posted the premiere episode from the new animated Disney series, “Disney’s The Replacements” as a free download on iTunes.

    The free episode, entitled Cinder Riley / Skate Gate, is the first free video to be offered at the new and improved 640 x 480 resolution.

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    Not really true. I just downloaded the first episode of Eureka for free, and it's 640 x 480.
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    Me too. :)
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    USA only

    Only for those living in the USA. Anywhere else, it's not available, even if it's free. :(
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    Apple thinks I live in Beverly Hills ;) :D
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    Anonymous Freak

    Any video that has been free for some times is still free, at the new resolution.

    For example, within ten minutes of iTunes 7 becoming available for download yesterday (before the download page even admitted you were about to download iTunes 7,) I was re-downloading the NBC special "Bono in Africa" and the Sci-Fi Channel "Battlestar Galactica" specials, both in 640x480. The BSG special still has crappy video quality. (But it's BIG crappy!)

    The Sci-Fi show 'Eureka' has its hour-and-a-half Pilot episode as a free download, at a whopping 885.6 MB. This makes it (by far) the largest free download the iTunes Store has offered to date. (edit: Whoops, somehow I missed that Eureka was the show mentioned by the others, above.)
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    That 90210 zip code gets used a bit eh ;)
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    yeah looks like i'm going to have to get me an US iTunes voucher :rolleyes:
    so that does work with the movies right?
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    If you go to ABC.com you can get free iTunes downloads of the season finales of Lost, Desperate Housewives and Gray's Anatomy as well.

    EDIT: You can get these direct from iTunes, without the need to go to ABC.com.
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    Do you have a US credit card?
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    No, but I haven't bought anything, just leeched off the freebies :p
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    Do all the BSG downloads have crappy quality like the free special?

    I'll probably buy them anyway (once I get caught up with Season 2.5 via Netflix), but just wondering.

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