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Free stuff from Microsoft?

Discussion in 'Community' started by CubaTBird, Jul 14, 2004.

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    Don't know if this is the same site, but when I was working at CompUSA they had offers like this. You go to a site, take a bunch of classes on their products and you got points. I got a free copy of XP Pro that way (though that was a special deal, not tied to the points thing). Lots of the guys I worked with did it to get free XBox games.
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    xbox games might be worth it...but keep your copy of xp, please.
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    That's cool, but I'm not going to do it.

    Usually, free stuff from Microsoft comes in the form of (free) security updates. :p
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    Oh I sold that a long time ago. I would have gone for the XBox games, if I had one.
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    Free=Too good to be true=ALWAYS
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    Well free is always good, event though it is microsoft and your probably gong to use it. there is something fishy about it though because, did you say or a copy of Windows XP or a wireless mouse? isn't a wireless mouse worth much less then XP. sounds like a pretty fake deal to me.

    still... try it, read the terms though.
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    Microsoft always gives me free headaches.
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    I did it. After an hour I finally got enough points for a microsoft wireless optical mouse. should be here in 8 weeks. :D I had neither the time to get enough points nor the need for Win XP Pro. It was a real pain in the a$$ to do it though cause I kept getting a "server is busy" error message when I was in the middle of taking my quiz.
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    Tell us if you end up getting it, or whether there's some sort of catch that's less obvious.
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    I just took a look but it said something to the effect of "we are redesigning our site, please come back later". I can get most of the MS software for free anyway through the "academic alliance" programme we have at tech.
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    I can't get in the register page, I get an error message.

    I'll use FireFox.

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    I haven't clicked the link yet but I doubt it's a scam, it's very common (in the UK at least) for market research companies to "reward" you by helping them out.

    Might as well give it a go eh?!

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    Zauis I ordered the same thing but I also got enough points for a cross pen. I can't wait for my free stuff.
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    Thomas Veil

    Getting free Microsoft stuff is akin to crawling out of the Gobi desert on hands and knees and having someone offer you a peanut butter sandwich.
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    That should be just in time to find out that the new mouse is not compatible with XP sp2 . . .
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    Well, well, I just signed up yesterday after a friend told me about it. I've made four accounts now (everybody in my family wanted something) and completed the tests and watched the presentations. Racked up 1400 at max. They need to bring back referrals or toss in more tests. You can't reach 1500 or above, unless you got in early and did the referral program. Even then, the watch is still unobtainable.

    I've ordered a Cross Pen and Swiss Army Knife.
    My sister ordered a Cross Pen and Wireless Mouse (one of the few decent MS products).
    My mom ordered a Cross Pen and Swiss Army Knife.
    With my dad's account, we're waiting for MS to add some way of getting more points now. I plan on either getting that Swiss Army toiletry bag or the watch. Hopefully they'll add some better goods to obtain.

    Anyways, it's most likely legit. MS isn't going to scam people in this way. They make mistakes that screw people over or cheat other businesses.

    I'll be enjoying my rewards in 8 weeks... *sigh*

    But, you've gotta admit, it feels great screwing MS for once. :cool:
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    Just wondering (and making an attempt at keeping this thread alive), have any of you ordered your goods, yet? Or are most of you just still not believing this is for real?
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    an experience I frequently have, to be sure
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    A peanut butter sandwich with dry peanut butter and low carb bread... Yeah, my NTFS formated 250 gig hard drive in my XP machine forgot what file system it was yesterday. In the middle of copying files it decided to just die; now it thinks the drive is Raw data. I hate data recovery, but I especially hate Microsoft... more and more every day!!
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    Yep. Free stuff from Microsoft alright.

    Buy Windows. Get free bugs.
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    Well Microsoft removed all of their non-MS rewards. So no more Swiss Army CyberTools, Cross Pens, Swatches, and Swiss Army Toiletry Bags.

    However, you get 10 free points for logging in once a day. I suppose I could try to get that Wireless MS Keyboard and Mouse set.
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    Yeah, that's what I want as well. I've got 1350, but no more training to do.

    I suppose I should have actually read the courses so I didn't miss 100% on a couple
    of those quizes.

    Hopefully something new will get added so I can get that measley 150 more.

    That wireless keyboard/mouse set is $100 at office depot and Win XP Pro is

    If I get 1500 points, I may get XP and just return it for store credit and say I got it as a gift.
    However, it'll probably be some Not for ReSale copy or something, knowing my luck.

    Anywho, thanks CubaTBird for sharing.

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    I actually got to use a Dell Axim the other day.

    Didn't realize that PDAs are up to 400MHz and faster!

    My company is reusing PCs of that speed to load SuSE on for warehouse

    That's craziness....

    Anywho, the interface isn't really that intuitive, and the task switcher is hard to get used to.

    Also, setting up the wifi was like pulling teeth (I hear that's hard....).

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    All the quizzes are basically the same, they keep drilling the same answer into every time, after time after time.

    These are the kinds of tactics that the Mafia and terrorists use.Take the test, you'll see what I mean.


    Yes! I got 1500 points!!

    What do you gus think I should get?

    the MS wireless keyboard and wireless mouse

    or the XP Pro?

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