Freemium psychedelic, dual control, abstract 3D shooter Infinitum just released!

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    Jan 8, 2012
    Infinitum is a freemium psychedelic, dual control, abstract 3D shooter for iPad and iPhone.

    Survival is not an option... Enter an endless tunnel and encounter enemies of increasing difficulty.


    -Dual controls: Steering with tilt control and aiming with touchscreen (swipe gesture)

    -Two game modes: "Wallslider" with left/right steering and "Free Flight" with full two-axis control

    -For each game mode, two levels of difficulty and a time limit challenge

    -12 different types of entities, each with unique properties, for example: pods that release shards, laserguns, centipedes, seekers, evaders, rockets, etc.

    -Fly though loops to kill many nearby enemies at once

    -Game Center support

    -Optimized for iPhone 5 display

    check out the trailer here:



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