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Freezing - 2012 MBA

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by Eathan74, Dec 14, 2012.

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    Hey guys,

    This is my 3rd Macbook (previously had the original white Macbook and then the 13" Macbook Pro).

    Freezes on my previous Mac's were very rare, in fact, I find it hard to remember having any.

    Since getting my 2012 13" Macbook Air (256GB, 4GB, 1.8ghz i5) I've been having more frequent crashes, maybe one or two a month. It's hard to pinpoint exactly what I'm doing when it happens although yesterday I was watching a video clip on cnn.com and had a wack of video's downloading on "Transmission".

    I didn't get a grey screen, my computer literally just froze.

    Anyone else having these issues or know of any possible causes?

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    I'm guessing nobody has replied because nobody has anything helpful to say...this certainly isn't normal, that is for sure.

    Have you tried opening up the console logs or watching the processes in the Activity Monitor, both before and after crashes? It sounds like you can reliably reproduce the freezez/crashes, so that might be a first step.
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    Mountain Lion?

    Don't say, it's buggy like hell.
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    You say you were watching a video and downloading others using transmission. So does the freeze happen only when you are doing network intensive stuff or even when not using the internet?

    Of course watch the activity monitor and your memory usage as you are doing those things and see where the bottleneck is.
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    I have a 2012 13" MBA that freezes more and more often. I am at the point now where it's nearly once per day. I don't use anything too intense; Photoshop, Flash, Spotify, Safari & Notes are my main programs. I get a fair amount of "coloured wheel of death"s and quite a lot of "application closed unexpectedly" which is pissing me off. The worst though is when the computer freezes altogether. It only happens once every week or two but it's a ball-ache as there is absolutely nothing I can do but hold the power button down until it turns off.

    All started when I upgraded to ML...
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    Yikes! I'm glad I stuck with Snow Leopard...does it strike anybody else as non-sensical for Apple to keep releasing new OS's (which we know will be buggy for months), while barely fixing all the bugs in the previous OS. I heard Lion was not bug-free, either.
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    I've been suffering some crashes on my 2012 13" MA, I have narrowed it to Transmission.

    Why? Because it only happens when transmission is open and doing what it does.

    If I remember correctly, the crashes began one or two Transmission updates ago. The most recent crash was yesterday, I've since deleted all traces of Transmission, will try to install it again tomorrow and test what happens.
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    Same on MBA Mid 2011

    same problem here on a MBA 13", i7, Mid 2011 running Lion.

    Did a complete re-install, have run HW test ... nothing. Removed some programs that I am no longer using. Worked fine again for a while then again sudden freeze. Good thing is the recovery which has worked well so far.

    Have a MBA 2011, 13" CD2 running SL 10.6. Has been running without a major hitch.

    I am surprised to see the same problem with the new 2012 units.

    So far I am still assuming SW stability/quality problem. Haven't has this much trouble since 10.2 days. Still use it for day2day but have sincerely lost confidence in the former rock-solid foundation.


    --- Carsten
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    i use utorrent on a constant basis and have never experienced crashes/freezes on my 2011 11" mba so fyi in case you guys are looking for an alternative to transmission.
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    Just as an update... I deleted all traces of Transmission and installed uTorrent, since Sunday my Mac has not suffered any crashes, slowdowns or any other type of malfunction.

    I think I can say now that the crashes that I was suffering were triggered by Transmission and some nasty bug. Also, just as a fyi, I download torrents to a 32 GB SD Card.
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    What is Transmission? If that's the problem I don't want it. I have noticed that the freezing on mine started early November; when the "12C3006" update happened. Coincidence?
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    Some people are just...... it amazes me!

    Google search transmission OS X.

    First hit.
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    In fairness, when people are having a problem (and are at their wit's end) and are posting in a particular forum, they are looking for specific information about specific user experiences.

    If you want to be helpful, it would have taken just as long to have written:
    "Transmission is a bittorrent client...find out more at Google..."
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    And I gave a link so I did answer his question.

    Some people are just LAZY, sorry but it is so simple to do a Google search first before asking!!!!
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    I'm not sure about your evidence for calling somebody "lazy" in a public forum but check this out.

    And if behavior like *that* amazes you, you should see some of the people I work with! :D
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    So Transmission freezes your computer and Skype bakes your computer till its too hot to touch.

    We need to have a sticky on "Software you should NOT use on a Mac".

    It might just shame the developers into writing better code.
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    Given up on Transmission. Started utorrent and no issues at all so far.

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