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French Translation Req: x86

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by arn, Nov 21, 2002.

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  1. arn
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    Can someone please provide a non-automated translation of the following?


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    Still rumours!!! - Lionel - 19:51:08 I still have just received
    rumours which you will like. Well cavity, the source is anonymous, but
    it has an excellent reliability:

    - APPLE will pass to the CPU 64bits in the months has to come. - the
    processor will more probably leave to AMD than from IBM, because the
    first has a quite higher output.

    It should be said that for PC, the general public processor of AMD 64
    Bits is almost ready. It has also the great merit to be compatible
    with the buses 32 Bits.

    Then a X86 Processor in mac or a PPC at AMD?

    And to finish, Autodesk and Lotus Server are developing their software
    for macos X.


    Translated via Sherlock, but it's quite accurate (albeit, bad english...)

    [edit: seems like one important line is badly translated. It says AMD wil probably provide the chips because of higher production capacity. Also, the source is not sure wether AMD will produce a x86 chip or a PPC chip, but it will be a 64 bit chip, highly certain to be compatible with the 32 bit bus.]
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    Here we go again!

    Just when you thought the whole x86 rumors were going to be disproven after Comdex... Anyways, how reliable is Macbidouille? Just my $.02, but I think Apple should go with the better processor in terms of speed and long-term upgradeability. If that ends up being AMD, well then great. If it's IBM, great. I'm pretty sure that the folks at Apple are making the best decisions on the matter, and they're much better informed than any of us could hope to be.;)
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    From what we've seen, MacBidouille is reliable. They predicted the PowerMac G4 MDD and had pictures of it...
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    Human brain automated translation

    More romors!!! (...)
    I have just received some rumors you're not gonna like.
    Of course they're from an anonyme yet reliable source:

    - Apple will start using 64 bit CPU during the following months
    - The processor will probably be made by AMD rather than by IBM, the later having a much higher production capacity.

    I should be noted that AMD's 64 bit proc for PCs is almost ready.
    The processor has the advantage of being compatible with 32 bit busses.

    So an x86 proc in a Mac or a PPC by AMD?


    I personnaly don't give a s**t on who makes the processor, as long as it's backward compatible with software...
  6. arn
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    Re: Human brain automated translation

    I assume it's supposed to read "the former having a much higher production capactity"?

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    Re: Re: Human brain automated translation

    [nitpick] Actually, it says: "because the former has a much higher production capacity." [/nitpick]
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    Re: Human brain automated translation

    This is not important, but isn't it «rumors you will like»?

    And doesn't the article state that AMD will produce the chips because AMD got higher production capacity (not IBM).
    Or does my french suck that bad???

    [edit: pianojoe cleared that last bit up...]
  9. arn
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