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Fresno, Ca.

Discussion in 'iPhone Launch Meetups' started by SBik2, Jun 14, 2010.

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    If i dont have work that morning, im planning on goin down to the Apple store at fashion fair, assuming they got their "authorized user" thing sorted out in their systems. :D

    where is everyone in the central valley going to line up at?
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    I live in the Central Valley (Tracy), but since I have to go to Oakland that day, I am either going to do Pleasanton or San Francisco
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    I'll be going to Bestbuy in River Park to preorder tomorrow morning.
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    im plaining to get there early aroudn 5 at fashion fair to get a white one
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    im looking at going to the ATT store on blackstone wed nite since i wasnt able to pre order due to the fact im exchanging mine and got the run around by ATT.
    any one elso going here ?
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    I don't think they will have white available on launch day, will they?

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    from what ive read and heard the white are delayed and wont be available till next month.
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    Oh does anyone know if theres a line already?
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    About 40 people but no telling if mall will allow overnight guests....
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    Wow, 40 people already. Maybe I should head down there now instead of waiting till around 4:30 like i was planing. has anybody found out if the mall is going to allow overnight guests?
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    40 People in line?

    I was there around 9:30PM almost 2 hours ago, and did not see anyone in line. However I did talk to a guy who said he talked to security. He said that security were not going to be leting anyone "camp" overnight, and that they were going to be kicking people off the property if they were lining up for the Iphone (but this seams kind of crazy to me). He also said that the mall would allow people in at 6:00 AM and the Apple store would open at 7:00.
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    that just means that people will be sitting in their cars waiting and will probably start lining up out side early on.
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    i cant make it out there tonight i got called into work tomorrow after all. but mine came today so its all good.
    im suprised there are already 40 people there too. :)
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    Anybody in Line?

    Anybody in Line?
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    im not there yet i wasnt going to head out for a couple of hours. Are you in line yet?? If so, are there any other people there yet?
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    About to head to the apple store to get my iphone. I'll let everybody know how it goes.
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    At least 120 no- pre order people in line right now and 50 pre-order!
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    Where's the preorder line?
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    Anyone know how long the line is now?
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    yeah guys how long is the line. i need to go down and buy a case to replace the films on the front and back until my wrapsol gets here. do you think theyll let me in?
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    Holy Cow by 7am there were at least 800 people outside, and when I left at 8am after doing a complete sync to my iPhone4 there were over 1000 people!!! Crazy, never have I witnessed anything like this in Fresno.... Well except for Taylor Swift tickets LOL!
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    Wow! Thanks for the update. I"m sure the Starbucks near the Apple store is happy about it. :)

    I doubt I'll get mine tonight then.
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    wowww. that blows the 3g launch out of the water. :eek:
    looks like ill wait until sunday or so to get a case. these films that came on the phone can only last so long until my wrapsol comes.
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