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Frisco, TX

Discussion in 'iPhone Launch Meetups' started by pyth, Jun 10, 2010.

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    I'm going to the Stonebriar Apple store. Has anyone ever camped out there before? I'm not sure if they'll let you in the mall overnight or what, but I figure they won't.
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    Only iPad owners would know about camping out there if its possible seeing how that is the only big launch to occur since that store opened.
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    You have to wait outdoors to get in, and go in when the mall opens. Better be fast! But since there are many entrances, the faster you are the later you can get there.
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    Good point. I kind of forgot that it's so new.

    I was talking with a friend and we were thinking along the same lines. You could really just mosey up around five and if you could sprint quickly enough, you could be first. 'Course, you'd be a real dick, but if you didn't care about that... ;)
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    Wanna race? :D Even though it's close to an hour drive for me, I'd much rather leave at like 5-6AM, get there around 6:30-6:45 and just haul ass rather than camp out starting at midnight at Southlake.
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    Hah, yeah. As soon as the damned online store gets back up, I'm reserving one, so it doesn't really matter when I get there! But camping out is more fun anyway. And the Stonebriar store is so much cooler than Southlake.
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    Since the Apple store will be opening 2 hours before the mall actually opens, I doubt it will be like that. They usually have a line at one door and direct them to the store.
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    Just talked to stonebriar and Apple in Stonebriar...

    I asked Apple first, what to expect. They said the mall opens at 7am but had no idea about where people would queue up outside. I then talked to customer service for the mall. They called security and were told that they would not be allowing lines to form outside. I said "ok, I'll just wait in my car." and they said they would not allow "loitering" and would ask us to leave. Also, security said they would be escorting anyone caught running in the store out of the building. I mentioned that with the Apple store having hundreds if not thousands of people queing up they will need to hire an awful lot of guards. They replied they would have police onsite as well. Soooo, I have no idea what I'll be doing. Probably try hanging out around 5am, see what's up, maybe hit up a starbucks and just keep making my rounds till I see a line queing up and when the numbers looks good, get in line then. I may not be first but I also don't want to be kicked out either. Lol. What are you guy's plans? If enough of us showed up all at once I seriously don't think they could do much?
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    The mall's doors open to the employees and stuff at five, I think. So we can get in then and mosey around the mall until six. I have to go back up there tomorrow, so I'll see if they know anything else. I have one on reserve, so I'm not too worried. But I'd like to camp out, just for fun. I figure I can go at midnight or so and then stay until they make me leave. There are a few people coming with me, and if we can get other people to come out, they might just leave us alone, like you said earlier.
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    Thanks Pyth! I'll be waiting for your update!

    Thanks Pyth! Yeah, I also have a reservation and was actually able to get it confirmed there at the store. They also assured me that all reservations defnately WILL be held till after close of business. So if I wanted I could come there after I get off work (I have to be at work by 10 or 11 that morning). That is reassuring to hear but I don't have any intention to wait that long! Lol. By the way, just an FYI, I was told the store has 1200 +/- reservations and they "definately" will have all the units for all orders. Very cool!
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    So I went to the Apple store today (got my iPad LCD fixed!) and asked them about launch day procedure. They said that they really don't know except that the mall is supposed to open at 7:00 for customers. The guy told me to get in touch to mall security and I called them and left a message for the guy in charge of security. Hopefully he'll give me a call back tomorrow or Monday so I'll know for sure what we can do. I do know that there is a set of doors that opens for employees at five, so if I can find out which doors those are, we might be able to go in early.
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    I live in Denton, so this is now the closest store to me. I had originally planned on having one shipped, but that fell through on pre-order day...

    I will continue to check back to see what great tips you guys have to offer!

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    You guys should start doing sprints in the driveway to prepare. Is the AMC/Barnes and Nobles the closest to the Apple? Wish I can join you guys, currently in Hong Kong though. :(
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    Jessica Lares

    I live in The Colony, going to get to Stonebriar at 5 probably. :D. Exciting!
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    Yeah, the lowest level entrance right next to Barnes is probably the closest. Unless you can go through the entrance to The Ice, which is almost directly in front of the store.
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    I've been to 2 launches at the willow bend mall and both times there was a line outside the main entrance and then the mall security escorted 10 or 15 people at a time into the mall to the actual line inside. I would imagine this same thing will happen here at stonebriar. There's no way that they won't allow lines at all. That would just be ridiculous!
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    I "camped" out at stonebriar as best as they would let me for the 3G iPad launch and was first in line. I went the day before and tried everything but they wouldn't let me stay so I cam a 6:30am got in at 7:10am as soon as the guard opened the doors and ran down and waited in line. Apple people were really nice but the mall doesn't allow camping.

    I just called and they said they are starting a line at the main entrance (Where the cheesecake factory is at 5am. They said you could get their earlier but you specifically can not camp out but you can wait in line early. Anyone want to join me? I am thinking of going about 2 or 3am.
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    Thanks for the info man.
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    Man, this is gonna be hard!

    Thanks for the tip!!!! After getting off work the previous day and then getting in line at the butt crack of dawn, get my iPhone, and getting back to work again by 8am'ish, I'm gonna be wiped! (but happy!)
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    Do you guys have one reserved? I don't and I need to get two.

    Also do you guys know if you can port your number from T-Mobile in the apple store?
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    Has anyone heard about inventory numbers for walkins at Frisco? or any store in DFW? I am curious. I did hear Apple Stores will be getting the most for walk-ins. I heard places like Best Buy, Radio Shack and AT&T would be getting really low numbers. Like less than 5. With all the pre-order demand, I am wondering how numbers are gonna turn out.
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    I talked to their GM Gene about an hour about and he said they did the count based on those picking up in the store and that they will have very few but he couldn't give out any numbers.
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    See.. I am thinking that only a few people are going to be able to walk-in per store. Considering Apple has already sold 600,000 in pre-order, I just dont think there is much left for walk-ins right now. I wouldn't be surprised if even Apple stores got less than 10.
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    Stopped by the Stonebriar store last night, at around 7:00 PM, and got some (hopefully accurate) clues as to how many non-reserved iPhones we might be looking at from one of their Geniuses who worked the iPad launch. He noted that they had 100 non-reserved iPads for that launch, and was quick to point out that they were "drastically underestimating" the demand of the iPad, based on what was perceived as a low number of reserved iPads (they had around 150 iPads on reserve at the "morning of" launch). He also said that based on the fact that they have 1000 reserved iPhones ready for Thursday morning, we would probably be looking at closer to 250-300 iPhones that ARE NOT reserved. This is pure conjecture, of course, but he was quick to remind me that Apple is acutely aware of the impending demand of the iPhone, and their supply chain management is "prepared."

    It is important to note that the GM (referenced above) is probably the most "in-the-know" here, but I figured that even a ballpark figure of 250-300 iPhones is something to look forward to. As such, I too will be circling the parking lot early-morning, waiting to pounce the main entrance.

    ....and I'm spent. Sorry for the lengthy post.
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    when I talked to him he indicated that he had just done an full count and compared that against the actual numbers of reserves and said their were very few so I think you numbers maybe high. I am thinking there will be less than 50.

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