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from a concerned apple citizen

Discussion in 'iOS 7' started by Tokyo1138, Aug 19, 2013.

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    i been wondering somwething. does anyone know (and know i didnt yet looked at every tread here :rolleyes:) when the final version be released to the hungy public? before, during or after 10 of sept? i know (from memory) the will release it for the 5 and 4s... but will it be smooth or another lag fest almost like the iPod touch (V.4) was with its last update?
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    If it's like previous years, around a week after the keynote. It's smooth on my 5 but ymmv.
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    In recent years, the newest iOS came on Wednesday the week after the new iPhone announcement. So based on history, if the new iPhone is shown September 10, iOS 7 will go live the 18th.
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    Why does this result to a "concerned apple citizen"
    Are you concerns that the iOS 7 GM will be released after the new iPhone is released? Who cares.
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    I think he's concerned it'll be laggy.
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    We all know, but we can't say for nondisclosure reasons.
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    Probably the only reason why it's laggy for those complaining is because most of the users who install iOS 7 never do a clean install for each beta. There are people who go from Beta 1 to Beta 6 without even doing a clean install and they complain about bad battery life, bugs, etc etc etc.

    Do a clean restore and be happy.
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    It's been beaten to death a clean install sometimes is irrelevant
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    OK. so I'm a dummy. What's an "apple citizen" The juxtaposition of those two words make absolutely no sense to me.

    What am I missing!:confused:
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    I hadn't realized Apple was it's own, recognized, nation-state! :eek:

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