From a G4 Mini to the new iMac

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by tbealmear, Aug 26, 2007.

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    When I got my G4 mini a little over a year ago, I instantly fell in love with it. Then, when Apple switched over to the Intel base, I really wanted something new, but I was still in college, so I knew it had to wait. Now that I'm done with college, I purchased myself a new 20" iMac.

    I got the base model. It has the 2Ghz Core2Duo, ATI HD 2400XT, 250Gb hard drive and 1Gb of memory. This machine is plenty for me (compared to the mini). I dont really do anything that is taxing on the machine, besides the occasional messing around with photoshop and iMovie. I am still going to upgrade to 2Gb of ram from crucial (around $50).

    This thing is an absolute screamer. It is extremely fast (and it is technically the slowest of all the new iMacs). I havent had any problems running anything right now. Runs Aperture perfectly, it runs Photoshop perfectly (havent tested FCP Although it is very fast, it doesnt make a bit of noise. The only thing that does is the SuperDrive. But that is to be expected. Its a silent monster.

    The new software suite (iLife) is really nice. The new iPhoto takes some getting used to. Mostly the new organization of where the pictures are if you were to look for them through finder. You have to "Show Package Contents" on the iPhoto Library within Finder. After that, you are good to go. I have noticed that if you use Front Row and go to your events within iPhoto and try to play a slide show, it locks up Front Row. You can view pictures with Front Row as long as they arent within an event. Troublesome. iMovie is very nice I think. I have heard some gripes about switching from the old version to this one. Since I never used the previous version, I have no clue. I made a short 30sec movie from some pictures that I had along with a song in the background and a title at the beginning in about 20 minutes. Once I got the hang of it, it went pretty smoothly. The new options to post directly to YouTube and such is very handy (havent used it tho). I havent used any of the other iLife programs, basically because I dont really have any use for them.

    When it comes to the hardware, I only have one issue. And it might just be me and that I need to adjust to it. The screen is VERY bright. What I mean is, it seems to me that the Gamma is too high. There doesnt seem to be enough contrast sometimes. It might just be me, who knows. The glass screen is very nice. I have no problems with reflections at all (this is mainly because there is nothing behind me). If I am watching a movie, I can see me in the reflection, but if you focus on the movie then you dont notice anything. The new keyboard (wired) is awesome! It will take some getting used to, but I already love the thing.

    Overall, this is a GREAT product and well worth the 1200 bucks. This was pretty short, but I hope it helps anybody.
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    Congrats, hope you enjoy it :)
    Myself i am upgrading from an iBook G4 to a new macbook pro (should be here by tuesday, can't wait:D)
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    Just turn the brightness down on the keyboard !
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    Even on the lowest brightness setting it's too bright for me.

    EDIT: To compare - highest setting of my MBP 2.33ghz is dimmer than the dimmest setting of my iMac 24".
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    The 24" is brighter than the 20", but i think you can reduce the brightness even more in settings on the mac. The keyboard just turns it down about 50%
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    Wow Sing G4 to C2D...that is a HUGE upgrade. I went from Single G5 to Core Duo, and it was great.
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    I guess it was probably wrong to say "Brightness". Yes, I do keep the brightness on the iMac at around 50%. The problem that I have is maybe over-saturization. I really have no idea what to call it. I am going from a crappy 17'' monitor to this, so I know this is probably how it was always supposed to look! I think it is just going to take some getting used to. This screen is very bright tho..haha It keeps my room VERY bright at night ;)
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    Go to the system prefs >display> then click the color tab and click on rgb 1998 and it looks so much better
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    I will give that a try. Thanks
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    I currently have the 1.42 Mini with 512mg RAM, assuming this was similiar to your old rig. Are you happy with the graphics performance? My mini has nothing compared to a 2400XT im assuming, but have you done any gaming at all? I dont do much for gaming, all I would play is command and conquer and that is about it. BUt is the 2400XT enough for photo work and video work?

    Im mainly interested int he photo capability to manipulate photos and what not.


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    Trout, this thing is amazing with photos and video. Like I mentioned before, I messed around with iMovie a little bit (not Final Cut Pro I know...) and it performed perfectly. Also, I have tinkered with iPhoto and Aperture and they both run flawlessly. Aperture is very nice on this. I have run CS3 on a macbook and it ran beautifully, so I can only assume that it will work really well on the iMac. As for gaming, the 2400 is not good at all. I have personally done any gaming, but I know my cards and this one wont do much. You never know tho, I would try it and see. You might like what you get. As for my old rig, it was a 1.25 G4 with 1gb Ram and a combo-drive. It was the perfect entry rig for me to get started with mac and I fell in love! Hope this answers some questions. ;) Cheers
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    As for the "Brightness" issue ;) I went into the calibration menu and all I did was change the gamma from 1.8 to 2.2 in the wizard, and it fixed everything. It might be a LITTLE dark, but the whites are still nice. I like it much better now. It doesnt look so bleached now.
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    Thats what I was going to recommend you do :)
    Its the first thing I do whenever I play with a new mac. I can't stand 1.8 gamma, especially on a bright LCD.
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    Awesome! I myself am moving from an 800mhz iBook G4 i bought nearly 4 years ago to the 2.4 Ghz 20 inch iMac, it just shipped from MacMall and I've very excited :D
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    Enjoy! I sure am! WAHOO!!!
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    I'm moving from a pismo to a C2D,that rocks even more.:D
    But,probably not to the new iMac,that 1 I am less exited about.
    I prefer the "old" iMac and I am not the only one.
    The former iMac was like a Tsunami when it came out,this one just a ripple on
    Shame I can't afford a Macpro/Cinema Display.:(
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    I like the looks of the iMac, plus, its a helluva lot better than my G4.
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    Well, the white iMac was a complete redesign, and frankly A LOT of people preferred (and still do) the G4 iMac design to the G5. The new machine is only an evolution of that concept - they've just changed the materials, really. And if they didn't make the screen super glossy I'm betting that the number of people who liked the old iMac better would have been much, much lower.

    Personally, I like the look of the new iMac much more than the old one, but it's all down to personal preference.

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