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Fruity Loops kinda-like software for mac?

Discussion in 'Digital Audio' started by Tahko, Aug 28, 2005.

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    I used that program on PC a lot, but since I've decided to do a complete switch I'd love to have something similar for mac.. Any ideas?
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    Well... there's GarageBand. Included free with every new Mac.
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    Yup, Recycle is the goods

    I use it for anything and everything, and there's nothing "fruity" about it. :p

    Highly recomended
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    Agreed. It works well for what it does.
    There are cheaper ways of doing what Recycle and Fruity Loops accomplish, but they are quite difficult to do, and have little to no nice visual features. If you do loops, you need Recycle. IMHO much better than Fruity Loops.
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    Too tricky to create proper drum loop, no live editing. Thanks for tips of Recycle & Propellerhead, going to check those demos out some day. Now some sleeeep... (just moved to another city)
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    I missing using ReBirth. I loved that app.
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    Umm, Propellerhead still makes Rebirth. They even have a demo of it on their webpage.
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    Ummm, ReBirth is for OS 9. I've not used that in years and have no interest in keeping it around solely for ReBirth.
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    <BAM! Corrected!>
    Wow, i just checked, and of course, you are right. I could have swore that they released an OS X version. I guess i am wrong! :eek:
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    I can't believe they never carbonized it even..
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    I guess they are leaving that market to Reaktor/Reason now?? Maybe rebirth was aimed at too small of an audience?
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    You're probably right. It's appeal and use was fairly limited and was aimed at the "old skool" crowd I think.
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    Well you can buy fruity loops for mac. They have a mac version just go to their website.
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    What? I thought you just bought the windows version and had to run it under bootcamp on intel macs. Did something change?
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    where is it on the site? can't find it anywhere

    As for Fruity like software, Ableton Live springs to mind. Also with apple loops you have "elastic" audio right inside logic or garageband, no need to recycle then import anything ever again.
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    Nope, it ran under classic.

    Rebirth is now freeware for registered users of Reason. www.rebirthmuseum.com

    I still have several audio/midi apps that are OS9 only so I still boot my G4 Quicksilver into it quite often.
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    You all are replying to a thread from 2005. :)
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    Wow, I spent a mint on Rebitch back in the day.
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    Yup, and an update to my post back then is:

    Recycle can kiss my butt.

    Stupid software asks me for my SN everytime I open it after a reboot.

    It only handles files that are less than 5 minutes long

    It seems to change the tempo of loops, when I don't want it too....??

    Anyway, I ditched my overpriced copy of Recycle and now use Peak 5....so much better
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    combine iDrum with a daw
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    all the companies that dont support mac osx are really losing out. i would love to usse fruity loops n acid pro on my mac just for the fact that osx and a snappy fast laptop means i can make music when ever where ever.

    maybe fl8 will support osx and acid 7 will maybe hepefully

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