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Frustrated about Apple upgrades

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by legarem, Nov 11, 2004.

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    My I book G3/600 died last month. I took it for evaluation repair at the shop and told them to phone me about the price it would cost before doing any work on this computer. One week later, they phoned me and told me that the motherboard was in trouble and they changed it under warranty. Apple gives an extended warranty on these mother boards because they had too much problems with them. They also gave me new installation Cds. One of them is named: logic board upgrade Cd for classic and Mac OS 9.CD number is version 1.0 691-4945-A i installed OSx 10.3.4 in the first HD partition and TRIED to install 9.2.2 on the second HD partition. The OS9.2 Cd can boot the machine but CAN'T be installed now in this Ibook. i phoned to the repair shop and they told me that with the newer Motherboard won't take 9.2 unless special installation is done ???. They mentionned to me that Apple don't give any information about this special installation. He also mentionned to me that they can install the OS 9.2 but it takes about 1-1/2 hours to do this work. At my office there's special software that need 9.2 to work. Why Apple gives a logic board upgrade CD for classic AND OS9 if we can't install OS 9.2 in this laptop ? There's some strange practices I don't understand. Is anybody can help me to resolve this strange problem ? Thanks
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    Have you tried downloading the 9.2.2 update, or installing OS 9 on the first partition -- some of the old OS updaters only liked the 1st partition on the drive.

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    I downloaded OS 9.2.2 from apple site and tried to install it with the same results.

    If I reinstall 9.2 on the first partition, i will need to reinstall all the OSX with all the software I have .

    Being not assured that it will work, I don't want to take the risk to reinstall all this mess for nothing.
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    You shouldn't have to reinstally anything, but remember the 9.2 upgrade will only upgrade OS 9.1 -- the info is on the website.
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    can you boot up with the logic board CD? If not then boot up with the OS 9 disc they gave you and do the logic board that way. You better have all of the software CDs so you cna reinstall everything
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    it seems that you need to install OS 9.2 and after you install the logic board upgrade program. The logic board program doesn't contain OS 9.2
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    Is your machine still a g3/600?
    I've heard that many have recieved G4 mobos instead of G3s.
    If you have a G4 in your ibook you can't boot os 9.
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    Yes, this is a G3/600

    When I look At Apple system information, it is written: PowerPC G3
    Speed: 600 Mhz (400-600 Mhz)

    It is strange that they don't specify the real processor speed.
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    Take a Window shot of that and post it here, I'd like to see that.

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