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FS: 12" iBook 1.2 GHz

Discussion in 'Marketplace Archive 1 (Posts count)' started by powerboy, Jul 19, 2005.

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    I am selling my 12" iBook. I bought it in October or November, so it is still covered under the original Applecare and is eligible for the extended Applecare purchase. The computer is in excellent condition and I have had zero problems with it. I bought it for a school project and no longer need it - I have a G5 Power Mac at home that keeps me pretty happy.

    Everything is stock. The model is M9623LL/A.

    The Specs are:
    1.2 GHz G4
    30 GB Hard Drive
    256 MB RAM; supports up to 1.25 GB
    Built in Airport Extreme
    Combo Drive
    Mac OS X 10.3 (restore disks are 10.3.5, upgradeable to 10.3.9)
    Everything else originally included.

    I have the original box and all the included cables, manuals and restore disks.

    Asking $700 plus $25 shipping (FedEx Ground, Insured)

    PM any questions. Let me know if you want me to email you more pictures.

    I have feedback on ebay - j22pb.


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    Trying to sell this before people notice ThinkSecret's prediction of new iBooks as early as today?

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    Was that nessicary?
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    Yes, it was. I do not want to see fellow forum members get taken advantage of. We are a friendly community. If you want to take advantage of people, you should do it on eBay.

    ps. I am not implying that the seller is trying to take advantage of anyone. I am merely informing the forum members that may be viewing this thread that an update may be near.

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    Ryan T.

    At $700, this is a great deal. Regardless of updates.
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    I agree, it is still a very good deal.

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    I am not trying to take advantage of anybody and I am asking a fair price for that reason. And it seems that iBook updates have been "any day now" for months.
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    How the heck do you know that's true? People sell iBooks every day.
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    very nice ibook
    when will the update come??
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    Powerboy, it's a beauty deal, reguardless if they're going to have a new iBook or not.. It might take me a week or so to save up that kinda dough, but if you still have it when I do, I call it :)
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    you're getting a good deal ichoosedeath
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    I would say it is an OK deal right now.

    Apple has a refurb of the exact same specs right now for $849. But the refurb includes:
    1. Tiger
    2. iLife '05 (I assume this one has iLife '04)
    3. Full 1 year warranty
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    I have a Tiger Family Pack. Deepest thanks for your concern, my dear, dear friend.
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    Don't forget to thank him too, ichoosedeath!
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    Yes, I certainly am stoked to have Doucy2's backing on this. But like I was saying, it could take a week or more so PowerBoy, if you get any other offers (and you will), take them for sure!
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    pm sent
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    pmed you, very interested

    p.s i am able to include my 10GB 3rd GEn ipod with a sweet case, in mint condition
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    Are you accepting trades?
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    slightly off course...
    a ti-81 plus is more stable than os x
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    PM sent. I really need this thing for school.
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    iBook Sold

    The iBook was sold to the first person who replied. Much thanks to everyone who showed interest.

    Thanks DerekW69 and Enjoy!
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    Great Machine!

    Got the iBook in record time. It looks brand new and I am extremely happy.

    Thanks powerboy!

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