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FS: 12" iBook G3-700

Discussion in 'Marketplace Archive 1 (Posts count)' started by drison, Sep 26, 2005.

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    I have an 12" iBook G3-700 dual usb that I bought from macofalltrades about 4 months ago that I'd like to sell. The iBook is a G3-700, 20Gig HD, 256Meg RAM, CDROM and 16Meg Radeon video. It has the power adapter and I will include Jaguar install cd's that I bought from someone else on MR.

    Now, onto the issue. The display will show this sort of blue static on the white parts of the screen if I push it too far back. If I move the screen forward or backward or tap the back with my finger, the static goes away. It doesn't showup when I do a grab and the system works fine so my guess is it is the video cable and not related to the motherboard issue that other G3 iBooks have. I simply don't have the patience to attempt to take an iBook apart.

    So, because of the static issue, I'd like to get $300 or best offer. I prefer paypal and will ship only to the continental US.

    PM me with offers. If there isn't any interest here, I'll have to ebay it but wanted to offer it here first.

    I took pics that include one showing the blue static:


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    im interested in this machine. other tahn the static blue screen, is everything ok? does the system work ok? it only happens if it is tilted back..eh?.. How long does the abttery last? and how mcuh will it cost to ship to ottawa canada?
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    Other than the static blue, it works fine. I've not drained the battery completely but I think around 2 1/2 to 3 hours is what the icon says.

    I'm not sure about shipping to canada. I've never sold anything outside the US. It will probably cost around 15-20 to ship ground insured in the US.
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    pm me whts the last price u can come up with... i think i might ask a relative in houston to purchase it for me.
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    Sold to a local buyer. Thanks for the interest.

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