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FS: 12inch powerbook

Discussion in 'Marketplace Archive 1 (Posts count)' started by rmhop81, Jul 18, 2005.

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    768mb ram
    60gb hd
    airport extreme, bluetooth built-in
    all cables and box and also will include tucano powerbook sleeve. was purchased in march. so has plenty of warranty left.

    $1250 shipped.
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    Hi, I have some questions:

    - Is this from before or after the PBs were updated to have two-finger scrolling, EDR BT, etc? I think that it was before, and the 1.5GHz 12" was trhe first with those features, but I'm not sure.

    - Does it come with Tiger or Panther? Also iLife 05, including the original DVDs?

    - Can you post pictures to show cosmetic condition?

    - Do you have eBay feedback or something similar?

    - Is PayPal an acceptable form of payment?

    EDIT: oh, and two more:

    - Are you willing to state why you're selling?
    - Did you buy it with the RAM from Apple, or put it in yourself, and if the latter, what is the brand?

    Thanks! :)
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    Wow, good price. Apple store refurb had them for $1399 if I remember correctly and this was with 256MB!
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    there are many simple hacks that you can use for this, i think one is iscroll. anyway, this model doesn't have it, but it is a easy hack with a 3rd party program, i have seen it on ibooks.

    hope that clears it up
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    Thanks. So it was the 1.5GHz, though, that was the first revised PB? You're right, in that you can get a hack for a scrolling trackpad (I have a registered copy of Sidetrack, already, and I do also know about iScroll). AFAIK, though, there is no hack that makes a computer have BT2.0 or an SMS if it isn't available in hardware....

    I really am interested, nonetheless, so I hope the OP answers.

    FWIW, also, the Apple Store price for the 1.33GHz/SD is $1299, at least when I pull it up, and not $1399...also it does include Tiger. Hmmm...that might be a possibility too.
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    Oops, I thought the $1299 was the combo model, sorry!
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    Actually, it changed... Right now, for $1299, there's a 1.33GHz SD and a 1.5GHz Combo, and for $1499 there's a 1.5GHz SD. But anyway, I should stop hi-jacking this thread. Sorry!
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    it came stock with panther on it but i purchased tiger separate so willing to reload tiger on there for you. also comes with ilife 05 install dvd and cd.
    i've sold a laptop previously on notebookforums but i have only tried selling on ebay a few times but wasn't successful. i'm verified paypal and accept credit card payments as well.

    I'm selling bc i just want to upgrade to soemthing else. The PB is in excellent condition and has no scratches or blemishes whatsoever. here's a link to the pics..... in the pic wiht 2 pb's it's the one on the right.

    http://photobucket.com/albums/a294/rmhop81/Computer Stuff/

    also the ram was purchsed from newegg so wasn't from apple. the brand is centon and works very well. if ur interested u can pm me your aim name and we can chat if you have more questions.
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    Thanks for your responses! YGPM. :)
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    Would you consider a trade for a 14" iBook G4 1.07GHz 768MB RAM 80GB HD Combo Drive w/Airport, an Incase bag, and maybe some cash added to it? PM or email me if you are interested.
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    no no trades.

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