FS 20" iMac g4 RARELY used

Discussion in 'Marketplace Archive 2' started by Tommyg117, Dec 27, 2005.

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    Hello! I have a 20" iMac that my dad bought last year. He did not like it (he's a PC guy, I know, I tried to convince him!) and gave it to me. I have a powerbook and am at college for most of the year, so I don't even use the computer. It is pretty much never been used. Its 1.25ghz, 256 mb RAM, Superdrive, Airport Extreme card with an 80 gb hard drive. My question is, what would be an appropriate amount to sell this for if I live in the philadelphia area? and also how do I erase the little amount of material on the computer such as user accounts so that whoever gets the computer will have the chance to make their own accounts etc? I want to clear it! Let me know about any offers or anything etc.

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    trades i would love this machine :)
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    I'm very interested, would you take a partial trade+cash?
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    My advice on selling this iMac is that they are almost classed as collectable (due to their form factor) and so you shouldn't let it go too easily.
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    im interested... whats your asking price?
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    I dunno, I have had prices as high as like 800 or 850, I don't know! How much would this cost to ship in its original box?
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    You asked about how to erase data. What you should do is boot off the system install disc that came with it, and then use it to erase the disk and re-install the default software. :) It's not at all hard.
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    Sent you an email, waiting for an answer.
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    to shipe probally around $30

    because i can ship havy powermacs for $40

    IM me doucy2
    or e-mail me i have tons of stuff and cash
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    email sent:D I am local :eek:

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