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    Hi gang,

    My iPod Photo is for Sale (20gb Version) will come in Original box with all accesories as if it were purchased from Apple.

    In pretty good condition with a few minor scratches on the back case, screen and everything else is perfect.

    Asking $250 plus $19 for Express Shipping.

    eBay iD; Electronicsexpert210 (66 Positive Feedback)

    Paypal Only, will ship to US Only.
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    Me 2

    When he sells his I also have mine for sell. Its also $250 and it is brand new only used for 3 days. Comes with box, manuals, and all accessories plus the belkin tune dock, clear hard case, and click wheel protector. jramones@sbcglobal.net
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    Please Make your own threads for your own stuff, don't invade other peoples threads trying to sell your things.
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    would either of you accept a trade for both the ipods in my sig?

    they are 10Gb 3rd Gen in awesome condition and a 1Gb shuffle used for about 14 hours total. i will include a black leather incase for the 10Gb ipod as well. i have both the original boxes i am willing to do this trade ASAP please send me pics of the 20Gb (either of you) i can send you pics of both mine, i really want a photo now that i have a camera and my music collection is greater than 10GB.

    BTW is there a dock or anything included with this?
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    berkleeboy210 is right... however, that other poster is a newbie and assuch is unable to create a thread on MR's marketplace until s/he reachest a post count of 100 posts. This is to help create a safer environment for doing 'business.'
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    AND... he politely says "when he's sold his I'll sell mine" so he wasn't trying to Hi-Jack your thread!

    You two both selling up for a nano :p
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    I've already Ordered a Black Nano, 4gb. :) This needs to go.
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    no trade then?
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    I wonder if this counts as hijacking-- if so, I'm really sorry berkleeboy210... And wnameth I know you were looking for a photo iPod, but I have a 20GB third gen iPod w/ all the original stuff... minus the foamies for the earphones.
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    Any REAL offers? Stop hijacking my thread ppl.
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    i clearly don't want a 3rd gen as i am trying to trade it
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    No wonder I cant make threads in there too. :( I've been here so long too. I guess I will just have to make dumb/whatever posts to reach 100. :eek:
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    Trade for MINT PSP w/ 1 Game?
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    F.S. iPod Photo 30GB with box incl. dock and photo av chords

    Please delete this reply (accidently posted)
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    So now since the original thread starters is sold...can I take over this thread!! My ipod is still up for sale..only $250 plus shipping. Once again its brand new with case, AV cable to hook up to tv, hard case, and belkin tunedock!!
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    Read the rules pal.

    Newbies arent allowed to sell until they've made 100 posts.
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    Actually, doesn't it say that you aren't allowed to create a new thread in the Marketplace without 100 posts? I didn't see where it said you couldn't sell anything.
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    Now who is splitting hairs… the intent was for them not to sell before 100 posts
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    Then the rules need to be more clear.
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    no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, ! Post 98 more replys and THEN make YOUR OWN thred, not hijacking someone elses. READ THE RULES NEWB!
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    Sun Baked

    Just report them next time...

    If they post outside the marketplace, the thread will be deleted.

    If they hijack the thread, their post will be deleted.
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    Geez, yall needa calm down. It seems like some people on this website are very rude and uptight. Ok, forget it, I sold the ipod already , and dont worry, I wont be back to this macrumors website. Ive only been on it for a couple of days and havnt been treated nice at all. Does it really matter to some of yall if I was trying to sell my ipod? i was being nice about it. Some people need to get some manners. My experience at macrumors = horrible. Out!

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