FS: 24" iMac 2.16Ghz, 2GB, 250GB, Leopard $1200 OBO

Discussion in 'Marketplace Archive 2' started by je1ani, Jan 14, 2008.

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    Last day before it goes on eBay :D
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    Whats your best price?
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    im interested but live in canada and im not interested in the shipping stuff :(
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    Thank You for your random comment.. it goes to eBay tonight.. :D
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    I am interested in the imac, contact me before you put it on ebay.
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    I pm'd you yesterday about a possibly local sale. :)
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    Pending :D
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    Pending deal with me, right? Just making sure it had not been sold locally since I sent the money orders :)
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    hey, i was just wondering what was up.. if it's been shipped or if you were planning on shipping it soon and if so when? not upset or anything, just wanted to know what the situation was as i haven't heard back from you..

    others: please don't bash the guy yet. he's been pretty cool about keeping me up to date and seems like he's going to complete his end of the deal. :)

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    It's sold.
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    You must have missed the other thread, where someone else got scammed by the same guy...
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    Buyer-Please keep us informed as to what happened to the deal. I have my fingers crossed for you.
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    I hate youuuuu!!

    For us Europeans, 1200$ for that is like... dirt cheap! :(
    It's the price of a 1st Gen white MacBook!
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    any updates?
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    Another one bites the dust?(so to speak)
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    As the Worm Squirms: A MacRumors Marketplace Soap Opera.
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    Alright, I contacted an admin so I could get some contact info.. I spoke with him last night through AIM and he told me he had a tracking number for me and would give it to me when he got home, though I have not received it yet unfortunately :(
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    WOO! He did ship it and sent me the tracking info today :)

    I knew he'd be fine
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    Grats! Glad he came through!
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    "She". Well, actually, as discussed in the other thread, it is a he claiming to be a she. So nevermind, you are correct.


    I am glad to hear you will be receiving it.
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    Eh... I don't mean to detract... but I'm gonna keep my skepticism until you actually RECEIVE the computer. He/She could have shipped anything to you...

    Still, I'll keep my fingers crossed that this all works out.
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    So did you get it o what?

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