FS: 256mb PC2100 pulled from dual 867 MDD

Discussion in 'Marketplace Archive 1 (Posts count)' started by rugby, Oct 28, 2002.

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    $60 shipped to lower 48 states, $70 shipped to Canada. It came with my Dual 867, but I'm going to overclock it to a 167mhz bus speed so can't use this memory.
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    good luck with that...seems a bit risky, though. never heard of anyone overclocking BUS
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    It's actually pretty easy to do. You just remove two resistors (tiny little buggers) and your computer will run at 167mhz bus/1080mhz cpu. Whether or not the cpu can actually handle nearly 1.1ghz is another question. I might have to scale it back down to dual 867 after wards, or boost the voltage to make it sing.

    I just hate soldering tiny resistors, it's a pain.

    I do know 2 people who have gotten this to work perfectly, so it is possible, although their cpu's were marked dual 933, and mine is only dual867
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    vjv, I've asked the author (i know him from xlr8yourmac's forums) as to whether or not that actually works. He's overclocked his dual 867 via soldering so I'm not sure this approach works. There's a long thread at xlr8yourmac's forums regarding this issue. Check it out, it's pretty good reading.

    **edit** I was just informed that overclocking the bus via OF doesn't work. soldering is required.
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    Price has now dropped to $50 shipped.

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