FS 256MB Ram for iMac G5

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    I installed 2 512mb sticks of ram in my iMac G5 so I have the original 256MB chip just sitting here. If anyone is interested I would be willing to sell it for $35 OBO. I have soled on eBAy and you can check my ratings under alexandernapolean. I accept paypal. Thanks
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    Is it the size of notebook memory or desktop memory? I know that the G4 iMacs used notebook memory, but I'm not sure about the G5's.

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    FS 256MB Ram for iMac G5

    iMac G5's use PC3200 DIMMs - Desktop memory. There are two sockets, you can install RAM individually.

    Adding a 256 Mb would bring an iMac G5 to 512 total with the stock 256. Granted it would do 128-bit access, as it would match the stock RAM.

    To use this in a G5 tower, you would have to find another 256 to go with it to make a pair.

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    Did you sell your RAM?

    I am interested in it
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    Re Ram

    The RAM is still for sale if you are interested. $35 including shipping. Thanks Todd
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    Sent email

    Did you get the email? Thanks Todd

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