FS: 65w Power Adapter

Discussion in 'Marketplace Archive 2' started by katie ta achoo, Dec 30, 2005.

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    D@mn -- that was fast. <30 minutes.

    Maybe it came with a signed photo of a famous violinist/violist??

    (Or maybe a signed avatar of Wiggly Alan?)
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    Haha, someone IMed me the second I put it up... Freak. :)
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    how much did it go for?
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    It has a funky thing where the charging light is only green.
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    Anyone still looking for one? I also have one for sell that I'll let go for $45 shipped.
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    wow ppl on this marketplace are fast
    i usually hit up ppl a few minutes after they post

    yesterday i sold my ibook battery under 10min after listing :)
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    You didn't even list it, you told me on AIM and I wanted it :p.
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    hehe you bought it soo quick
    i listed you bought it then i took it off lol
    look at the posts on one of the later pages lol
    it say it say i sold it quick

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