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FS: 6GB silver iPod Mini + lots of extras

Discussion in 'Marketplace Archive 2' started by r6girl, Jan 7, 2006.

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    i have a 2G 6GB silver ipod mini i'd like to sell. i have a shuffle and a video ipod now and just don't see the need for a mini as well. i purchased it new from an apple store in february 2005 (i can include the receipt, if desired) and is under warranty until 2/23/06. of course, this means that the applecare extended warranty can still be purchased for it.

    it's in great condition with one noticeable nick at the top (picture attached) and other minor nicks along the bottom. other than this, there are no scratches on the body or screen. it has the power support crystal film protectors on the screen and click wheel (and will come with an extra set). i have never had any problems with it and it has great battery life. it will be reset and shipped with no music.

    it will come with the original box, manuals, disc, usb cable, headphones (used), 2 sets of foam covers for the headphones (1 set used), and the belt clip.

    plus, it will come with the following extras (all in great condition):
    - ipod mini dock with original box (purchased new with mini for $39)
    - 1 white/clear iskin silicone case with belt clip (purchased new with mini for $24.95)
    - 1 frosted pearl xskin silicone case (purchased for $15 or so new, iirc)
    - 1 apple ipod mini armband (purchased new for $29, no original box)
    - 1 set of unused power support crystal film protectors - covers screen and click wheel (1 set of these is already on the mini)

    that's over $100 worth of extras that will come with the mini. wow, i just felt like a used car salesperson writing that. ;)

    i'd like to sell the whole lot at once. NO TRADES. let me say that again - NO TRADES. :)

    100% positive ebay feedback here and heatware feedback here.

    asking $210 OBO shipped (in the u.s.) for everything. shipping outside of the u.s. would be extra - pm me with your postal code for more info. paypal preferred.


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    pic of extras...

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    would you sell me the dock seperately?
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