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FS: 800 mhz Quicksilver

Discussion in 'Marketplace Archive 1 (Posts count)' started by reberto, Jul 23, 2005.

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    Sence the people who wanted to trade, "gave up". I decited to sell the Quick. I am asking $650-750. Here are the specs.

    800 mhz processor
    1.5 gigs for PC-133 ram
    nVidia GeForce 4 Ti 4600 (flashed PC version, do not have orig' 2mx)
    40 gig, 7200 RPM hard drive. (wiped clean with 10.1 disk. Could put 10.3 on if needed.)
    CD-RW drive (sony)
    Built in Zip 250 drive
    PCI SCSI card (internal and external ports)
    The power supplys finger guard has been cut to make it quiter.

    And I still am willing to trade so a 500-550 mhz TiBook or, a GOOD iBook (600 mhz and up or 500 with a iPod or really cool palm pilot). Thanks for your time!
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    Once again, newbie assistance:

    When posting for sale, for better results you should include:

    Where you are located
    What type of payment you accept
    Where you are willing to ship to
    Who pays shipping and estimated how much
    Do you have original boxes
    Whether you have any track record at another venue (such as eBay feedback) that can attest to your reliability

    In this case, we assume the machine does not come with keyboard and mouse, or any OS CDs -?
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    Eugene, OR 97403
    No orig' boxes
    willing to ship to anyware in the USA. Pick-up prefered.
    Paypal, cash(if picking up)
    Shipping about $50(depends where it will be shipped). Again, free if pick-up
    ebay feedback "astronomicus" 359 100%
    I only have the Pro keyboard and iMac "puck" mouse.
    I WILL NOT include a OS unless asked to do so. If so, I will include cds.

    And no, im not a newb'. I did TONS of trades on applefritter.
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    Anybody want this? I will even trade for a 500-600mhz iBook. Or if you want to buy, $500-$600.
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    any interest in the broken ibook in my sig + cash
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    working one

    What about the 700mhz working one. And if I do take the dead one, how much cash?
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    the 700 is not for sale (my parents love it)
    the broken one + like $300
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    I'd trade for my iBook G3 700 MHz and cash.

    iBook has quite a few issues, however.

    screen won't latch, battery holds nearly no charge, and it currently has only the soldered on 128 MB of ram, not to mention plenty of scratches.

    but everything important, (combo drive, 20 GB HDD, screen) works, and it has only one dead pixel or so, so maybe with some cash you'd be interested.
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    I need one with a good battery. Anybody with one? I will even settle for a 600 mhz. Need response within 1.5 hrs! :eek:
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    I could also take a 500 mhz iBook with a 10+gig iPod. Please help me. I do not have room for the Quicksilver and its monitor. I will post pics in about 10 minutes.
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    All right, SOME PICS!

    Here are some photos of the G4. :eek:
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    I have lowered my offer. I will take a 500 mhz that has upgrade ram or in PERFECT condition. Or a 600 mhz and up. All I need is a DVD-ROM and to be in decent (i.e no broken, missing .ect parts) condition. Thanks once again and make some offers!
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    I don't know if this is ony any of the posts but my zip code is 97403
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    what about the PM in my sig ru interested
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    why would he trade a 800mhz for a non portable 500mhz? :eek:

    think before you post
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    Somebody, all I need is a working iBook that is in one piece and does not look like a car ran over it. It can have some lite scratches. Nothing too serious.
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    They do not have to have an OS.
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    Any non-clamshell iBook that is in one piece and needs no repairs and have some battery life will do. I know I sound desprate but, I AM.
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    Why don't you trade it in to macofalltrades.com ? The computer will fetch AT LEAST $350 as stock, so with what you have, I would say $400 or $450. Then you could buy one of their iBooks for around $200 + your trade.

    Just a thought.
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    Nah, I want to do a straight trade. So, does anybody still want to trade. Any 500 mhz and up that is in working condition,not to scratched up and has 1+ hours of battery life will do.
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    You might want to look into trading it to PowerMax. They gave me $650 for my QS 933Mhz, 768MB, Superdrive, 60GB.

    You could probably get something good with that or something.
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    I want to trade, not sell. And Powermax will not take my QS because the video card is a flashed PC card. Still waiting for a offer. I will also take a Tibook 400-500 mhz.

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