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FS: 8GB iPhone (unlocked w. over $100 bonus acc.) and MacBook (White C2D)

Discussion in 'Marketplace Archive 2' started by berkleeboy210, Jun 4, 2008.

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    OK, I have both up on ebay now, scheduled to end early Friday but they haven't seen much action yet. So If I get some good offers here I'll take it down from ASAP.

    8GB Model -- 2 Months Old - it's been in the case 24/7 except when charging via the dock
    Original Accessories
    V-Moda Vibe Duo Headphones (with the call button)
    inCase Leather Velcro case (the belt clip one that protects the iphone entirely)

    The phone is UNLOCKED.

    I will ship the phone to Paypal Confirmed Addresses in the USA and Canada ONLY

    I'm not Interested in selling anything separately and would like to keep it all together.
    Macbook (White)

    Intel Core 2 Duo - 2GHz
    3GB of RAM (Maxed out)
    80GB hard drive
    Combo Drive
    iLife 08
    Original Box
    Eligible for AppleCare until October of 2008.

    I will ship the Computer to the USA ONLY No exceptions. Also to a Paypal Confirmed Address.

    Throw me some offers.
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    What do you want pics of? I can take pics of the MacBook with my iPhone. But as my sig. says I'm without a camera right now so no pics of the iPhone are possible.

    But it's in immaculate condition.

    If you need references I have sold on these boards before. All Satisfied Customers.
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    Uploaded 3 Pics of the MacBook, Pardon the quality as they were taken with my iPhone.

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    Just for reference,
    I purchased a time capsule from berkleeboy210, a couple months ago. Great seller, fast shipping, and the time capsule arrived just as described, in excellent condition. :) would definitely do business with him again.
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    Some iPhone Pics Again not the best quality in the world but I used Photobooth and my iSight camera in the Macbook to take them. Pardon the reflection on the screen caused by the Computer.

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    Just want to vouch for this seller! Bought an external drive from him and it arrived as advertised! :)
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    $350 shipped to Canada for the iPhone?
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    That's a little low, considering they aren't available for sale in Canada yet. and counting the accessories.

    8GB unlocked phones are going for close to $500 on eBay and most of the time that's just shipping to the States.
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    Please email me for some reason I can't figure out to PM you?
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    500 for the MacBook?

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