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Discussion in 'iPhone Marketplace Archive' started by Jade Cambell, Feb 5, 2008.

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    I've taken excellent care of this iPhone for the past 5 months. There's nothing wrong with it internally or externally, and all the original parts and packaging are included.

    I'm not familiar with how the switch-out process happens. Do I need to get my new phone before sending out the old one, so that I can swap sims? Or do I just need to plug in my new phone to iTunes and tell it to transfer the AT&T account over to it, and it'll disable the old one? How does it work?

    I'm looking to get $350 for it.

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    Tempted - what boot loader is on it (what firmware was it when it was out of the box)? What week number is on it (4th and 5th digits of the SN).
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    Week 38. The original firmware was 1.0.2 I think. It was the firmware right before 1.1.1, whichever one that was. And it's currently on 1.1.3.
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    Accepting trades?
    I have an N95 with an 8gb memory card.
    Yeah I'm in the UK but I can ship.
    What software version is on it aswell?
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    No.. sorry. I'm just looking to get a 16GB iPhone. The software version is 1.1.3.
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    This is available again. My last seller bailed out on me. I just upgraded to the 16GB phone by swapping SIMs, and the 8GB iPhone is currently in a like brand new state. When you hit the sleep/wake button it gives you that "connect to iTunes" symbol, and when you plug it into iTunes, the screen comes up saying "Let's get started" and you can set up your service with AT&T. The phone has the brand new SIM that came in the 16GB iPhone.

    Ask me any questions you have. I'm selling it for $350 + shipping.
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    Yes, I will take it!!!!! PM'd you!!!
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    I have sent the money. I can't PM you because you're in 'time out' so I'm hoping you read this. Thanks.

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