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FS: 8gb iPhone

Discussion in 'iPhone Marketplace Archive' started by alansmallen, Jun 3, 2008.

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    Up for sale is a two month old 8gb iPhone. Starting at PRICE DROPPED TO $300 with free shipping (depends on where you live).

    Feel free to ask questions...

    Will post pics if requested.
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    Wanted to clarify that it comes with all accesories except for headphones.
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    Pics would be great along with a typed description of it's appearance / functionality.
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    Works completely fine...can be hacked if wanted. Has been in an iskin revo and screen protector since purchased. Pics are attached

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    would shipping the Mississippi be free?
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    Was this purchased brand new, or from the Apple Refurb Store?

    And can an iPhone work without any cell phone service or sim (basically iPod with Wi-Fi)?
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    zip code?

    Apple replaced my original with this one in Mid-april.

    If hacked, the iPhone can be only an iPod.
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    Have one official offer if anyone wants to counter.
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    I'm going to wait until Monday to see if the prices of 1st Gen iPhones goes down.
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    Do you ship to Canada?
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    yes but I might have to charge shipping. I'll pm

    P.S. Message is being sent from phone up for sale.
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    So I have one offer at $315 but lost communication. So it seems to be back on sale.
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    Price lowered to $300
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    PM sent...Let me know :cool:
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    I'll work with you, but prefer to have people from in the US.
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    Marketplace threads are not discussion threads. Any more posts that are not directly related to personal interest in the sale, and seem calculated to bump this thread will result in the thread being closed. Sorry about that but them's the rules.
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    I apologize.
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    So i've got plenty of offers. I can wrap this thread up.
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    is this still available? am interested and live in texas.
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    Still available? I live in Canada and will pay shipping. Please PM me!

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