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FS: 9 Days/Nights in Cabo San Lucas - $600

Discussion in 'Marketplace Archive 2' started by D0ct0rteeth, Jul 10, 2006.

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    I was going to post this on Craigslist, but I figured I would post in here first.

    I vave a voucher for 9 days of free hotels in Cabo San Lucas, San Fran, San Diego or Anahiem. Up to two adults and two kids.

    Its worth about 2000, but I'll let it go here for 600 If anyone wants it. I have anew baby due in 6 weeks and I'd rather take the vacation time to stay home with the kid.


    - Doc
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    baby duck monge

    Is this limited to certain hotels? Does it have an expiration date? If so, when is that? Are you sure it's transferable?
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    Yes. I am sure it is limited to certain hotels, I havent called the number to get all the hotel info yet as I dont want to actually register and get the ball rolling in my name if I am going to sell it.

    Yes. It is transferable and it is good for a year. (August 2007)

    Aside: I see Memphis and Knoxville as your location. Which one? I worked in Millington and Nashville for a while.
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    baby duck monge

    Currently in Knoxville (where my wife is in law school). Come August, though, I will be back in Memphis (hometown) to begin lawschool myself.
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    watch out for those memphis law firms

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